I Never Thought It Would Be So Easy To Do, Now I Won’t Have To Buy It From The Supermarket

Updated December 13, 2016

It’s a dream many people share. They want to live off their own fruit and vegetables. But unless you’re a full-time farmer or retired, you probably don’t have enough time to operate a garden. Right? Wrong!

While it certainly takes a lot of work to make your dream of a sustainable garden complete, it’s not as hard as you might think it is when you utilize all of the gardening hacks available to you in the time of the internet.

Below we will introduce you to one gardener who came up with a simple method to make a bunch of fresh potatoes a reality – and it makes all the neighbors jealous. With just four fence posts and some other items, you’ll be growing a batch of potatoes in no time. Check out this simple method to finally start your gardening dream today!

If you want to eat fresh potatoes from your backyard, you’ll need the following items to perform this tip:

-4 fence posts
-8ft section of wire
-wire cutter
-bags of soil
-“seed” potatoes

First you need to press your four fence posts into the ground. Make sure they are deep enough so no wild deer or other scavengers (like your neighbors) can get into the plot and ruin all of your hard work.

Then wrap your wire fence around the poles to protect your patch from pests like those pesky deer. Cut the wire as needed to create a cone.

Now place your hay in the middle of your circular wire enclosure. Mare sure you create a hole in the center of the hay because you’re going to need to access the ground there below it.

Fill the middle of the nest of your hay with compost. This will allow your potatoes to grow strong.

Buy a bag of potatoes and wait until they start growing eyes. To use them as seeds, you’ll need potatoes with at least four eyes growing out of them.

Slice the spuds in half. Then place them down inside the compost.

“I started with 2 pounds of potatoes which translated to 8 medium potatoes with about 4 eyes each which meant there were 36 eyes total to plant,” says Laurie.

“About 9 eyes were placed around the outside edge of the nest in 4 layers.  Next year I will double the number of potatoes per tower and keep going up.  On the top, I planted the eyes right in the middle so they could grow up.”

After just a month, the potatoes started sprouting. This method works.

Potato plants need a lot of water. Make sure you give them attention and water on a regular basis.

After three months, you’ll be ready to harvest you batch of potatoes. The potatoes in the images shared here were planted at the beginning of June and were harvested at Summer’s End.

TIP: Don’t water your potatoes close to harvest or you’ll be digging through mud.

Are you ready to make a potato patch this year?

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