I Never Thought It Would But His Homemade Bug Trap Works Better Than Any Store Bought One

Updated March 30, 2017


As winter fades into spring, we are all eager for the weather to warm up for good so we can get outside and have some fun outdoors again. But with the warm weather comes some drawbacks. While sun exposure can result in a higher risk of skin cancer, that’s not what we’re discussing today. It’s bugs. Yes, bugs.

These pesky pests don’t know how to let up. And when the weather warms up and the rain starts to fall, they start reproducing like crazy. While you get invested in dangerous bug zappers or poisonous sprays, one Salem, Indiana resident devised a more creative solution to minimize the bug problem. As you’ll see, Dan Owsley shared how he has built a horsefly trap in his backyards that has reduced the annoying problem a lot.

While it may be impossible to get rid of all the horseflies and bugs, Owsley’s simple contraption can dramatically reduce how many of the annoying biter flies you need to see while lounging in your American backyard.

The design is simple enough and anyone with some woodshop experience can make their own. You’ll need to a tray with a plywood bottom. It will be elevated on a triangular base that is about 42 inches high. Plus, you’ll want to attach a flat to the top of the tray with two plexiglass panes attached at a 45-degree angle.

Then wrap the tray with a black garbage bag or tarp. Fill it with water and allow the plexiglass to reflect the sunlight. The horseflies will come over and get trapped in the water. Because these bugs are visual hunters, they’ll see the black tarp and think it’s something they want to bite like a horse or cow.

But they hit the plexiglass pane and then fall into the soapy water that drowns them.

While the trap works like magic, it does require upkeep. You need to replace the water every day. If you don’t the flies will start to smell their dead comrades and keep away. And you also need to keep the plexiglass sparkly clean or else the flies will spot it.

But if you build this contraption and maintain it on a daily basis, your horsefly problem with be squelched.

In the video from Jimmy Machinery below, you’ll watch the horsefly trap in action. They even slow down the frames so you can watch the bloodsucker strike the plexiglass window and fall into the soapy water.


Horseflies are a problem in many parts of America. According to Orkin, “Horsefly females are aggressive blood feeders, while males do not consume blood but feed on pollen and plant nectars. Female horse flies usually bite large, nonmoving mammals on the legs or body. Deer flies, in contrast, attack moving hosts and typically target high on the body, like the head or neck.”

Have you ever had a problem with horseflies? When you hang out in your backyard in the summer are you constantly hitting yourself to kill the bloodsuckers or waving them away?

Try this awesome trap for yourself and watch as it works wonders for you.

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