I Opened The Door To This Shed Expecting To See A Lawnmower, But What I Found? OMG!

Updated January 13, 2016

Creative DIYer Colin Furze is all about the surprises. He lives in a normal house, on a normal street and out back sits the most average garden you could possibly imagine. But right underneath that underwhelming garden sits a hidden underground bunker.

The entrance lies hidden as well inside a shed in the far back of the yard. Enter the shed and no door is instantly obvious. After an old barbecue is moved and a dirty rug pulled up, a trap door is finally revealed and the surprise awaits just inside!

Underneath the rug lies a ladder, then Colin leads us down into the bunker of his dreams. A small hallway leads to a coded door, while further in lies the greatest man cave a man could ever dream of!

Inside lies a full kitchen area, complete with cutlery, a full fridge and plenty of space for beer. Cabinets are full of tin and preserved foods, just in case Colin ever actually has to use this as an emergency bunker. The waste is pumped outside via a rather public toilet, so we won’t need to worry about that.

Generators provide plenty of power, and the space is stocked with gas masks should some deadly chemical find it’s way inside. He can relax on a large double bed, as long as he doesn’t accidentally press the barely-functional eject button.

Right now Colin isn’t going through the apocalypse, so he just enjoys the space as a man cave. He has a massive 3-D television, surround sound speakers and all the video games you could dream of.

Would you like to lounge in Colin’s apocalyptic man-cave? Sound off in the comments!