I Thought How He Accidentally Killed His Father Was Just A Hoax, But It Actually Happened

Updated November 22, 2016

An Oklahoma man has been found guilty of killing his stepfather with an “atomic wedgie.” Apparently, in trailers in Oklahoma, and this story does in fact begin in a trailer in Oklahoma, grown men give each other wedgies.

Brad Lee Davis pled guilty to first degree manslaughter for the 2013 wedgie induced death of his step father. You are going to feel so good about your family after you read this story, trust us.

Brad Lee Davis of McLoud Oklahoma, says that he only meant to embarrass his stepfather with the atomic wedgie, but that it got out of control.

“I never had any intention of killing that man,” he said, addressing the court at his sentencing. “There’s no way I ever thought that could have happened. I was panicked, mad, scared. Things got out of hand.”

Davis claims his stepfather, Denver St. Clair, was a bully who had taunted the thirty four year old man’s mother. She was in the hospital recuperating from hip surgery at the time of the attack.

The autopsy determined that the fifty four year old St. Clair died after his airway was cut off from the elastic of his torn underwear that was pulled over his head from behind in a procedure nicknamed an “atomic wedgie,” according to local papers.

Before the infliction of the deadly wedgie, Davis punched St. Clair into unconsciousness.

At the sentencing hearing Davis said the entire affair seemed “like a bad dream.”

He was originally charged with murder, but the charges were later brought down to manslaughter. Davis may face up to thirty five years in prison for the crime.

The judge overseeing the case is Pottawatomie County District Judge John G. Canavan, Junior.

The police report that the two had been drinking together just a few days before in St. Clair’s trailer home, and that Davis had even photographed St. Clair with the wedgie after administering it.

Reaction to this story on the internet and in social media has been priceless, with people saying things like:

“Somebody’s been watching too much Seinfeld”- Edithgrove

“Police said the Davis and St. Clair had been drinking together at a trailer”…no further explanation needed.”- tu grad

“Step-father Lives Matter Too.”- CODE4

“ Punching the man unconscious” before the “atomic wedgie” may be what convinced the jury.”- Gypsy70

“Wait…so for clarification; An atomic wedgie is when you pull the draws from the back over the head.”- youandme 54

“it’s embarrassing.”- Justin Paterson

“this is stupid and sounds like an accident to me.”- Jade700 57

“Wow. Really”- Lebowskeyat

“A true wedgie counts only if one is wearing the pants whilst they are pulled upwardly toward the head, in which case they wouldn’t be tall enough to reach. Since this happened on the east side of OKC, I’m not surprised they would be so stupid as to confuse smothering someone with knickers over the head with a true ‘wedgie.’”- Transatlantic

“He wasn’t killed by an “atomic wedgie.” Geez people, quit acting like a bunch of uneducated rednecks. He was killed by asphyxiation and blunt force trauma, which means, he was strangled with his own underwear and beat to a point he was unrecognizable. Sad all of this tragedy has turned into such a joke.”- Anonymoususer1261

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