I Thought It Was Just A Weird Pattern In The Ice On The Lake Until He Touched It And THIS Happens…

Updated March 10, 2016

People often encounter inexplicable things. Perhaps they think they see Bigfoot in Yellowstone National Park or an alien creature in their back yard.

While many of these mysteries may never be answered in our lifetime, others like a never-ending whirlpool, must have scientific explanations – or at least we hope they do…

Just recently two guys wandered out on a frozen Utah lake and located something extremely strange. Now people around the world and hypothesizing what it is. What’s your theory?

As you’ll see in the viral video clip, two guys are shocked to discover something “GROSS” out in the middle of a frozen Utah lake.

The object is perfectly circular and has divots all over it.

At one point, the guys reach down to touch the alien-like object that seems to somehow resemble a jellyfish (but how could a jellyfish be out in a frozen lake).

“It’s like a disease,” one guy says.

“I wonder if it’s alien eggs,” he hypothesizes.

Users on YouTube jumped at the chance to share their theories.

“I’m going to guess it’s some kind of fungus. The radial pattern shows a perfect spread of growth. Fungus often does that. The moisture from the ice was enough to let it grow, the cloudy sky was enough darkness to make it a fungus, and it wasn’t cold enough to actually kill the fungus…so this is what happens.”

“It may be a rare fungi or even perhaps the blood of an arctic species fish caught and eaten by a predator. If the latter is the case these unusual structures may be known to the Inuit.”

“This is caused by methane underneath the ice, slowly seeping through the ice, leaving residual hydrocarbon deposits within the ice itself causing the refracted light.”

What do you think it is? Some natural phenomenon or aliens?

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