I Thought It Was Odd He Built A Bed Frame In His Backyard. But What He Does With It Next? AMAZING!

Updated February 8, 2016

How well are you utilizing the backyard you have? Just because you might have a bare spot on your lawn or a concrete courtyard, doesn’t mean you can utilize the benefits of grass there. You might just have to get a little bit creative with how to do it.

As you’ll see in the video from Better Homes and Gardens, Jason Hodges take a boring concrete outdoor space and transforms it into a yard that’ll make every neighbor jealous.

What does he do? He creates a daybed out of grass! It’s perfect for an afternoon nap or a picnic outside in the backyard. See what we’re talking about in the video below!

To get started, Jason creates the base of the daybed. He even equips it with a headboard to give it that real “bed” look for anyone using it.

Next he constructs the top frame where the soot and grass will sit in. To make it even more gorgeous, he stains it with charcoal for an elegant and relaxing look.

But how what do you need to maintain a grass daybed? Nothing but a watering can and a pair of sheers.

He fills the bed with buffalo turf which is easy to manage and very soft to the touch.

“It’s fine that it looks good, but the most important thing is how does it feel?” Jason says. “I’m pleased to report it’s a 10 out of 10.”

Is this a DIY project you’d be interested in doing at home?

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