I Thought She Was Joking When She Said Their Dog Prays At The Table, Shares Video As Proof

Updated February 2, 2017

One of the most human things that people do is to look for human characteristics and behaviors in nonhuman animals. For dog owners, the effect can particularly weird, like when they dress them up in costumes at halloween or teach them to say “I love you.”

But we just found a hilarious video clip of a Jack Russell terrier that seems to have found Jesus deep down in his soul. You are going to lose it when you see him join his family at the dinner table and offer a thanksgiving prayer for his supper. This is classic stuff here, folks.

Dogs and people go back a long way, so it is no surprise that we have picked up habits from each other. But just how smart are dogs? Well, just like people, it varies from individual to individual. Some dogs are really smart, and others are dumb as stumps. But no matter what, dogs are awesome.

Would you like to find out how smart your dog is? Well, we found a series of tests that you can put your pet through that can help determine your dog’s IQ. You will not need much more than a towel, a stopwatch and some treats. These are timed tests, and the longer it takes for your dog to figure out solutions, the lower his score.

Begin with a very simple towel test. The point of this is to gauge your dog’s problem solving skills. Get a nice soft towel from the bathroom, and let the dog smell it to get acquainted with it. Next, in one simple motion, cover your dog’s head with it and start the timer. If it takes less than thirty seconds, give him three points, between thirty seconds up to two minutes, two points, over two minutes, one point and then just give him a hand by taking it off for him. If you dog does not even try to get it off at all, that is worth zero points.

The next test is just as easy. Show the dog a treat and then put it on the floor covered by the towel. Time Him to see how long it takes him to retrieve the treat. Again, under thirty seconds he gets three points, between thirty seconds and a minute, two points, if he tries but fails within a minute, he still gets one point, and if he doesn’t try at all, zero points.

Our next test is a little trickier. Begin by showing your dog a treat and then putting it under the sofa, far enough in that the dog can reach it with it’s paws, but not with its muzzle. Now time how long it takes him to get the treat. If he succeeds within two minutes using his paws,four points. If it takes him three minutes (using his paws) give him three points. If he tries to use his paws but fails fails within three minutes, he gets two points. If all he does is use his muzzle, one point. And if your dog doesn’t try give him zero points.

For our final test, we will measure your  dog’s memory. Place a treat under a plastic cup on the floor and then lift it to show him the treat eight or ten times, saying “find the treat” each time. This tells him that treats go under cups. Now take three cups and place them upside down on the floor with a treat under one of them. Take the dog out of the room and then let him back in and tell him to find the treat. If he finds it on the first try, give him two points, if he does it in under two minutes, one point, and if he ignores the cups altogether, zero points.

Now it is time to add up Rover’s score:

Eleven to twelve points, and he’s a genius. You should think about getting a job for him.

Eight to ten points still puts him above average.

Four to seven points and he is average, or about as smart as a two year old human.

Between one and three points and your dog is all about personality.

If he scored zero points, you might want to make sure you didn’t test a houseplant.

How did your dog do? Share your pup’s score with us here.