I Thought This Loaf Of Bread Looked Strange. Then He Cuts A Slice. What’s Hiding Inside? NO WAY

Updated July 5, 2016

Food has recently become not only a sensation for the mouth, but a sensation for the eyes as well.  People are now not only devouring their plates of food, but taking pictures of it as well.

In fact, some people get asked why they ate their plate of food before taking a pictures sometimes if it looks especially nice!

There are beautiful lattes, savory sandwiches, and gourmet plates of food boasting intricate arrangements of steak asparagus, and potatoes, but what about a beautiful stunning loaf of bread?

Bread may seem like an extremely boring and uninteresting thing to make into food art, but if done correctly, you can make some pretty cute and amazing things out of a loaf of bread.

If you don’t believe us, then you will just have to look at this one Japanese baker who takes making a loaf of bread to a whole new level.  Master baker Mr. Ran specializes in making beautiful loaves of bread that have a cartoon or illustration on the inside.  You can cut anywhere in the loaf of bread, and find a friendly illustration waiting for you because the pictures run constant throughout.

To create such a loaf of bread takes much time and diligence though.  In order to get the colored dough to stretch all the way through the loaf of bread, Mr. Ran needs to create long stretches of colored dough, and then he layers them on top of one another so that they create a picture like you see when you cut the loaf open.  This is the same technique used when making candy.

The loaves’ designs are inspired by Mr. Ran’s son, who creates little cute drawings of flowers, puppies, and other animals that allow him to easily recreate.

The designs are very rudimentary and basic, but give Mr. Ran’s bread a whole new personality that you can’t find anywhere else.

This type of baking process has already been seen in New York City, where a bagel shop takes different neon colored dough and creates fantastic, bright, and cheerful bagels for people to take home with them.

What’s even more, is that since Mr. Ran makes the dough in all sorts of different colors individually, that means if he wanted to, he could make them have different flavors if he were making a cake or desert, and could pack a bunch of different tastes into one bite.

Mr. Ran has not revealed if he plans on putting additional flavors into his cooking, but will continue to make these beautiful bread loaves.  With designs ranging from Charlie Brown, to Hello Kitty, or even just random pictures of bumblebees and flowers, Mr. Ran is bringing a smile to many people’s faces from his art.

If you want to see some example loaves of bread, then you can check out the video below of Mr. Ran cutting through some of the loaves of bread, and let us know which design that you saw was your favorite in the comments!