Look At The Woman In The Front Of This Picture. Do You Notice Anything Different About Her?

Updated January 28, 2016

Time flies by so quickly these days, it’s easy to forget how much technology has changed our lives over the last few years. The development of smart phones in particular has completely shifted our culture away from simply consuming culture to creating it – simply by putting a camera inside of a phone.

But along with the convenient nature of smart phones has come a host of unfortunate consequences, from constant distractions, always-on communication at work and even “text neck”. The following picture was captured at a parade, perfectly capturing the distracted nature with which most of us live our lives – except in this image, there is one thing to give us all hope!

At first, nothing may stick out to you about this picture. All of the onlookers are enjoying the parade, except all of them are only viewing the theatrics though their phones – all except one.

The older woman in the bottom left may be missing out on capturing the event to share on Facebook, Instagram or whatever other social media site is popular now. But if you look closely, something stunning starts to happen – you’ll swiftly realize she is the only one not looking at her cell phone.

This woman his a delightful smile on her face, enjoying the parade and the moment all with her own two eyes – not looking through an iPhone, a Galaxy or even an iPad for those really annoying tourists. We can all learn a lesson from her: sometimes you just need to put your phone away and enjoy a moment for what it is.

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