I Was About To Head To The Pool, But I Changed My Mind After Reading About This Serious Outbreak

Updated August 7, 2017

When the summer heat comes like it is now, millions of people do the same thing – they go to the beach or the pool. But after you learn about the disturbing outbreak sweeping across America, you’re going to want to rethink going to the community pool – or any shared water hole. Besides the amount of pee in the pool water, it is a breeding ground of germs and disease that can put you and your family’s health at risk. With dirty diapers, soiled Band-Aids and open wounds in the pool water, an outbreak is plaguing the summer swim locales across the country. Continue reading because you’re going to want to find an alternative way to cool off this summer. The truth is just too disgusting…

The CDC has recently issued a warning against swimming in community and public pools. They warn that a growing population of cryptosporidium – also known as Crypto – is on the rise in America. And it is a living organism that can harm you and your children.

Crypto is caused by a parasite. The invaders get inside the human body and then terrorize the gastrointestinal system. It causes diarrhea in its mildest forms.

If a person accidentally swallows some pool water, they put themselves at risk of digesting the disgusting parasite that attacks their gut. The water only has to be contaminated with the infected feces to be harmful to you – that’s right… feces. And with hundreds of babies in diapers swimming in pools these days, feces is all to easily added to the community soup.

The number of Crypto outbreaks in 2016 was 32. This was double the amount in 2014.

An outbreak is a huge problem. Just one outbreak in 2016 in Ohio alone inflicted 1,940 people with Crypto. That’s a lot of people because someone put infected feces into the public swimming pool.

When the parasite gets into a person’s intestines, it spreads through their diarrhea and other fecal matter. It is a truly disgusting parasite that you don’t want to have any interaction with.

Common symptoms of crypto include diarrhea (of course), stomach cramps, vomiting, and nausea. People stay sick for weeks at a time. That’s a horrible amount of time that is practically torture.

You or your child only needs to consume a tiny amount of infected water to come down with the debilitating gastrointestinal illness.

Now matter how “Clean” the public pool is, crypto could be there. The parasite can withstand the cleaning power of chlorine. It’s a survivor that can last in the water for up to a week and a half. It’s hard to kill and eager to get inside your body.

If a swimming area has been infected, the CDC urges the organizer to close it down. The water then must be treated with dangerously high levels of chlorine if they hope to kill the parasite.

If you or a loved one has diarrhea, don’t go swimming. You’ll help protect your community and your family.

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