I Wish I Knew Simple Trick, It Would Have Saved Me $250 From Emergency Service Call [video]

Updated February 22, 2017

Although it doesn’t happen to most of us that often, losing our keys or locking them inside the house or car is a major bummer. Not only does it mean you might have to call a locksmith to get the problem handled, it will cost you some extra money. In short, it blows.

But as you read this post, we will offer you nine ingenious ways to ensure you never get locked out of your house or car without your keys ever again. How can we make such a bold promise? We’ve scoured the DIY blogs and YouTube channels and discovered the 9 best hacks to prevent you from losing your keys.

If you’ve ever lost your keys or fear you might, spend 3 minutes reading this and apply just one of these tips. You’ll thank us later…

Misplacing your keys around the house can easily be fixed with a LEGO key board. Attach a LEGO brick to your keychain and then glue a flat board to your wall. Whenever you walk in the house, press your keychain LEGO into the board and you’ll know where your keys are.

Secret rocks have long been used to store spare keys. But don’t spring for a “fake” rock. Those are as easy to find as a key under the doormat. Instead, get some weatherproof tape and tape your key to the bottom of a flat rock.

If you want to attach a spare car key to your vehicle, try the license plate hack. Simply unscrew one corner of your plate, then put the screw back while sliding it through the hole on your key.

You can make a DIY spare key with an old credit card or a Tic Tac box. With a lighter, blacken one side of the key. Then place a piece of tape over it. Put that tape on the credit card and cut it out for a makeshift spare key.

Hot glue a rock to the bottom of a pill bottle. Then put the spare key inside and bury it in your yard. Make sure only the rock is showing.

If you have no place for a spare, put a bunch of keys on a wire. This will make it hard for a burglar to find the correct one.

Trees offer a great place to hide a key. Simply nail the key to the bark – no thief will look there.

Want a cool DIY way to identify your different keys? Put some glue on the bottom of the head of your key then begin tying colorful twine around it. When you’re done, you have a distinct key.

The best way to hide a spare key is to install a fake water pipe. Attach a PVC pipe with an elbow joint to the side of your house. Tie the key to a string and glue the other end of the string to the elbow joint cap. The key will dangle down the pipe. Need a spare? Just undo the top and use the key. No thief will think to check the random pipes in your yard. {VIDEO BELOW}

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