If A Bunch Of Young Punks Played This Prank On Me, It Would End Very Badly For Them [watch]

Updated March 30, 2017

When people work together for a long time, they can’t help but build bonds that make them feel comfortable with one another. They get to know each other very well and oftentimes build lifelong friendships. And what else would you expect when you spend at least forty hours a week together? Co-workers usually see each other more often than husband and wives do, so it’s no wonder that these friendships develop over time.

Australian radio talk show hosts, Hamish and Andy, are close to their colleagues at the radio station and they spend enough time with them that they know their sense of humor, which is why they decided to play the ultimate prank on four of their unsuspecting co-workers.

The video is complete with Hamish and Andy hosting the prank in true radio talk show fashion. The two had managed to get their hands on a very real looking dinosaur costume complete with Jurassic Park style features. They have a person wearing what appears to be dinosaur-skin leggings manning the dino himself. The duo pranks each of the four victims individually.

For the first prank, they call their female colleague down to the car park where they are hiding out in their vehicle. They have the dinosaur stationed in the spot that is designated for one of their cars and he asks her if she can help him unload his car. Soon she walks into the carpark willingly, turns the corner and is suddenly screaming and running back toward the elevator. It’s evident that she is frightened. “It looks so real!” she says when Hamish and Andy approach calm the dinosaur that is chasing her.

The next target has a similar reaction, except she runs like a maniac through the carpark. When the duo finally gets to her and calms her down she still says “I don’t know how I feel about it!”

Josh is target number three and he seems a bit clued in onto the prank as he approaches the parking spot cautiously. He slowly approaches and gets just far enough to see the T-rex, before he runs back to the elevators. “That’s actually my worst fear,” he says, almost too calmly for someone who has just had a very real looking dino chasing them. Josh does say that his heart is beating fast and that he is really scared, even though he knows that it’s fake.

Target four is said to have the loudest scream. When she sees the dinosaur she lets out a shrill shriek, and later tells Hamish and Andy that she peed her pants a little. “We’ve got a code yellow,” says one of the tricksters, happy that his goal was achieved.

There is no doubt that these co-workers will be talking about this incident for years to come.

Commenters were amazed by the genuine look of the costume…

“That looks so real wow. Are you sure that’s not edited in?”

“Dude, that thing is so unbelievably real looking, the way it moves and everything, if only you could cover you legs more.”

“I need this costume so scare the shit of my friends.”