If It Wasn’t For Mom Capturing What Her Newborn Did, No One Would Have Believed Her [video]

Updated May 9, 2017

Every new mom wants the world to see how adorable their baby is. And while the magic is real and all-encompassing for each parent, sometimes the world at large just isn’t interested in every little milestone. But don’t tell that to a new parent. They’re not going to stop posting every little thing to Facebook for their friends and the world to see.

Samantha Jones was no exception. For the first two months of her baby boy’s life, Samantha’s Facebook page was filled with images and short videos of her baby doing adorable things. And her baby certainly was adorable. But the 10-second clip that was uploaded when the baby had reached the 2-month milestone was exceptional. And now the world is as excited as Samantha.

Check out the video below and see what the adorable baby did to warrant so much attention.

Samantha, the mom from Michigan, was on Snapchat with one of her friends showing off her baby. During the social media session, mom asked the 2-month old to say ‘hello’.

Mom knew her request was much too big for such a young baby. But there is no harm in trying. She expected the baby to smile or giggle for the camera. But when her girl, Amber, actually replied with “hello” mom could not believe that she had a genius baby on her couch.

When the captured the video of her baby, Jones immediately shared it with her friends and family. They urged her to post it to Facebook. When she did, the world quickly took notice. Dozens and then hundreds of people began sharing it across the internet. Now it has gone viral and the world is as shocked as Samantha that baby Amber said ‘hello’.

Inside Edition picked up the story back in October. In the video below, you’ll see their full report. Here is the description they wrote to caption the collection of clips: “A mother from Michigan was floored when her 2-month-old baby said ‘hello’ for the first time. Samantha Jones was snapchatting her friends and decided to turn the camera to her son, Amber. She asked her to say hello to all the people watching and before her video stopped, he said her first word: hello. The surprised mother uploaded the video to Facebook and it has since been viewed more than a million times.”

Millions have watched Amber say hello on YouTube and Facebook. Here are a few responses shared with Inside Edition:

“The mum must have been listening too many timed to adele hello song while pregnant,” shared frharhm.

“you had me at hello” daddy mack shared.

PilotStudios wrote, “2 months old? 2 MONTHS OLD? WOW! Can’t wait for this kid to grow up!”

A jealous viewer said, “My child did this when she was 2 months and no inside edition came to my door.”

Although little Amber has not said another word since, her parents are proud and happy they caught this moment on camera.

What do you think about this baby’s talking skills?

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