If It Wasn’t For The Photo No One Would Have Believed What He Caught On Vacation [image]

Updated April 17, 2017

Fishing is one of the best pastimes a person can enjoy. Hours upon hours of kicking back, enjoying the serenity of the great outdoors with a couple of beers and nothing to do. Unless, of course, you actually manage to catch something. In which case you have to land the fish, de-hook it, decide whether to “catch and release,” or to clean, cook and eat it. Then, all of a sudden, there is so much more work…

Well, we just found a story about an Italian fisherman who bit off almost more than he could chew recently. While on a recent fishing trip, he landed a catfish the size of a whale. You are not going to believe this fish tale until you see the picture!

Dino Ferrari just landed a potential world record.

While on a recent fishing trip in the Po River Delta in Italy, he hooked a massive catfish. How big? A confirmed two hundred and eighty pounds and almost nine feet long.

While it does not quite compare to the standing world record catfish of over three hundred pounds, it still may qualify as the largest ever landed with a rod and reel.

Ferrari posted a number of pictures to his Facebook page to show off his fish. Needless to say, this fish tale has caught a lot of people’s attention, and since it is the internet, their is a lot of disagreement about the ethics and morality of trophy fishing.

Many people commented that such a large fish represented something special that should be allowed to live unmolested by gamesmen.

Jennifer Edelen commented “How about you leave these beautiful creatures alone!”

And her opinion was shared by a great many Facebook users, who said things like:

“Probably older than all of us and he just killed it for a picture. Unreal. so sad”- Courtney Nichols

“I mean as cool as a large dead fish is, it’d be way cooler if it was still alive.”- Brian Perryman

“Should have taken a picture and let him GO!”- Kathy Haynes

“Why do we have to kill everything?”- Antonio Zorilla

But of course, there were plenty of people who were simply in admiration for Ferrari’s feat, who offered comments such as:

“Fire Jeremy wade from ‘river monsters’ and hire this guy. That’s impressive.”- Pat Driscoll

“Wow! Unbelievable. Size and weight of catfish.”- Konnie Michelakis

“WOW!! that fish looks like it could have eaten him!”- Ward Jones

And since every viral post has a few comedians sharing their thoughts, we were able to find a couple of real zingers as well:

“Something’s fishy about this story.”- Curt Webber

“Holy carp….I mean crap.” Vallerie Glasscock

Thanks to Photoshop and “Fake News,” there were a number of people who questioned whether the animal was even real or not, but a quick jump over to Snopes.com confirmed that the story is one hundred percent bona fide.

Have you ever seen a fish this big? What are some of your favorite fishing stories? Please share them with us here.