If It Wasn’t For This School Bus Camera She Would Have Got Away With It. Now She’s In Jail

Updated November 17, 2016

When a mother felt like a bus driver insulted her, she stormed on the bus and started verbally assaulting the person in front of all the kids on board. As the children scream in terror at the scary incident, things only started to escalate as the mother continues to get enraged and the upset is not mitigated.

Mom is caught on the surveillance footage on the bus shouting at the driver. She turns away for a second and then faces the driver, taps her on the head a number of times, and curses the driver out.

The bus driver’s response is to stand up and throw the first punch at the angry mom. Watch the rest below!

Children scream “Mommy, Mommy” as she tackles the bus driver and starts wrestling the employee in the fight.

Because the Cincinnati mother had no apparent reason to fight the driver, 28-year-old Kiesha Shannon has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

The incident happened before the election results came in back in October 2016. The driver, Deamber Martin, was treated for injuries including minor problems results from the vicious attack.

The police reported that Shannon blocked the bus with her car in order to stop it. Then she pried open the door with her bare hands and forced her children onto it. Perhaps, the bus driver drove past their stop and the enraged Shannon was trying to get her kids to school.

Police said that the driver shut the doors while Shannon was hugging her 5-year-old daughter. This aggressive act was met with violence and a hard-fought lesson that Shannon was eager to impart on the driver.

“That was just so ignorant. Did you see me coming on the bus though, right?” Shannon can be heard screaming on the video. “You see me getting my baby on this bus though, right? You see me giving her a hug though, right? And if I punch you in the f*****g face, you going to be sorry as hell.

“Get on the bus!” she shouts, apparently to her daughter before abusing the driver.

The women attack each other. This violence causes the children on board the bus to scream and cry in terror. Some children are seen on footage cowering behind the seats to protect themselves from the violence that is so close to home in the Republican state of Ohio.

One little girl is overwhelmed and frightened. She runs to the back of the bus where an older child hugs and her consoles her.

“Come on, come on! These babies need a bus driver, these babies need a bus driver!” one woman calls out on the tape.

After the incident, the driver told police that she feared for her safety. She also said she feared for the lives of the children since Shannon had obviously lost her cool and could turn on anyone at any moment.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh crap. The bus is running, the kids are everywhere,’ but my life is in danger, you know, I’m in danger, we’re all in danger,” Martin told WLWT-TV.

“No bus driver should ever have to experience what I went through,” she said.

Shannon has pleaded not guilty and awaits trial.

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