If It Wasn’t For Video Proof Of What His Horse Does, No One Would Have Believed Him (video)

Updated October 5, 2017

One farmer was panicked when he looked out his window to see an empty pasture. He had just seen them earlier in the day and they were happily grazing. His first thought was that he left the gate open and the horses made a run for it. But he would soon learn that his horses were there, but they were just doing something that is totally unexpected of the massive animal. They were all laying down on their sides, napping in the field.

While it’s common to see cats and dogs snoozing away on the ground or floor, it’s extremely rare to see horses lounging like this. They typically sleep standing up, but for whatever reason, they decided to call it a day and get some shuteye on the grass. Good for them…they were deserving of a good, thorough horizontal rest.

But because it is such a rare sight to see a horse lying down, the farmer was clearly alarmed and thought that something was wrong with them. He rushed over to the horses and cautiously approached, certain that they were taking their last breath or had already passed. But much to his surprise, he heard them snoring away.

We are lucky that the farmer quickly pulled out his phone to record the snoozing horses. It certainly made his day and ours to see such massive creatures relaxing in the sun and taking a peaceful moment for themselves.

It’s not uncommon to see napping cats and dogs snoring away loudly. The internet is flooded with these types of videos, which makes a few napping horses a whole lot more interesting. So far, this amazing video has had one million views.

Watch the video yourself to experience the adorable moment. But, you may thank your lucky stars that you don’t share a bed with this horses, because they certainly don’t hold back on their snoring and right in stride with their size…they are LOUD.

The farmer gets up close and personal with one of the sleepy horses and he is so content in his nap that he doesn’t budge. At one point it looks like the horse’s eyes are open and he is about to spring to life, but nope…still in a deep slumber.

While some viewers of the video have shown concern over the horses’ health considering they don’t typically sleep lying down, but it turns out that they need to be horizontal in order to get their beauty sleep and enter into a REM dream state.

Commenters thought the video was quite funny and shared their thoughts on others they know who snore similarly…

“Sounds like my mom or grandpa when they’re sleeping.”

“Nah, that’s just my dad disguised as a horse.”

“Now I have something to compare my step father to.”

We all know someone who can keep an entire house awake with their boisterous snores, but now you have someone bigger and better to compare them to. Maybe…just maybe, your dad or grandfather sounds like a mouse compared to these horses.