If You Can Pass This Test It Means You Have An IQ That Is Above Average. Be Honest, How Did You Do?

Updated December 20, 2016

Many people are always buzzing about the word IQ.  IQ is a simple scale that rates you intelligence on a scale that is called the Intelligence Quotient scale.

Typically, IQ is tested in a doctor’s office, but there are also many tests that you can do online that help assess you IQ as well.

IQ tests are typically performed when a person is young, but are taken throughout people’s lives to evaluate how their intelligence is progressing as they get older.  If you get 140 on an IQ test, that means you are considered a genius!

Getting a psychologist to take time to evaluate your IQ can be a long and painstaking process, as well as one that can cost you quite a bit of money which is why it might be better to take an online test to see how smart you are compared to the rest of the world.

The IQ test presented here consts of 15 questions which ask you quite puzzling things.

For example, the first question proceeds as follows:

Which one of these is least like the others?  A frog, a dog, a mouse, or an elephant?

You may think that an elephant is least like the other because of its size, but think about the fact that a frog can breathe underwater and the rest of the animals cannot.  Tricky?

In order to pass this IQ test, you need to get all of the question right.

The questions are ones that really make you think about how things are related and how something are different from others.  There are questions that ask you to point out differences like the one in the example above with the animals, and there are also questions that have you think of how some things are similar in the same way.

For example: Finger is to hand as lead is to: tree, branch, bark, or blossom.

If you are somehow able to get all of the questions right, that means you are a genius!

Take this with a grain of salt though, as IQ does indeed represent some type of intelligence that people have, it doe snot show every type of intelligence.

In fact, psychologists estimate that there are over 14 different types of intelligence commonly found in people which ranges from social intelligence, natural intelligence, to intelligence that can be measured by tests like this IQ test.

The type of intelligence that you have when taking an IQ test though can be used in many lucrative ways in the work force and such, which is why that type of intelligence is so highly valued.

One phenomenon that is commonly found is that fact that music in a child’s upbringing almost always correlates with a higher IQ, which means that music stimulates parts of the brain that otherwise would never have been stimulated.

If you want to check you IQ for yourself, take the short test below and let us know what you scored in the comments!  Do you think it was right?