If You Could Vacation Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be?

Updated October 26, 2017

Whether you prefer to lounge on a beach all day, or heading to the mountains to play in the snow, one thing is for sure: we all could use more vacation time.

We want to know: where would you go if you could go any where in the world, without regard to cost or taking time off from your responsibilities? Would you take your kids/grandkids to Disney World? Travel to Europe to see their culture? Fly south to sit on the beach and relax? Or would you do none of these things and sit and home and enjoy some peace and quiet?

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When we asked our Facebook fans where they would go, here are some of the most popular answers:

Kimberly Noel: “Would be nice to see the USA….ALL of it! Unlimited time and $$ and an RV to travel through every state I’ve never been to.”

Kimberly Ward: “Washington DC to meet President Trump in person to thank him for his fight on illegal immigration that personally affects me and my family in the path of them coming across the southern border. I feel safer now that I don’t see them coming from the back of my property behind my home. I owe him a debt of gratitude.”

Patricia Bonnie Hornsby: “Ireland and Scotland, I’ve been to a few places but have always wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland, maybe one day my dream will come true.”

Betty DeRouche Crump: “Hawaii, my late husband and I were going to go there, but before we could he was struck and killed by a car!! Now I can’t afford to go anywhere!”

Anne Kinnard Burke: Home, I live in beautiful Huntington Beach ca . I have been all over the world pretty much. But there is no place like home.”

What did you decide? Where are you going to take your dream vacation?