If You Ever Noticed Different Colored Squares On Toothpaste, Here’s What They Mean [video]

Updated May 17, 2017


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Next time you’re in your bathroom, take a closer look at your tube of toothpaste. Do you see the colored square on the tail end of the tube? This color serves an important purpose for those looking to purchase a new tube of toothpaste.

Frequently, this colored square comes in red, black, blue, green or yellow. While you might have previously thought it was there for design, its purpose is much more meaningful. It is actually a secret code used to tell educated customers about the levels of TOXCITY in their toothpaste.

If you care about you and your family’s health, you need to know which colored toothpaste you should buy!

Some insiders claim that the green square indicates that the contents of the toothpaste are all natural. Whereas the blue square means the contents are both natural and medicinal. The red square has toothpaste made from both natural and chemical ingredients. And the black square? Well, the black square must be avoided at all costs. It indicates that the toothpaste is made from all chemicals…

But is this true? Or do these customers have the wrong idea?

Snopes.com wrote, “According to this bit of online lore, the colored squares or rectangular bars found on the crimp at the closed end of toothpaste tubes signify the composition of the product contained therein: whether its ingredients are “natural” or “chemical,” and whether the toothpaste includes “medicine.” (These terms are really too vague to be useful, as even “natural” products are made up of “chemicals,” and “medicine” is too non-specific a term to be informative.)”

In truth, the squares do matter. They indicate an important part in the manufacturing process. The’re calledl “eye marks” just like the ones used at printers.

The colored square tells the machine that makes the product where to cut and fold the tube. This allows the tubes to be produced quickly with the use of robots. Not only does this eliminate expensive human labor, it allows toothpaste companies to produce more products and make more money.

Snopes.com wrote, “Those colored squares on the crimps of those tubes have nothing to do with the formulation of the toothpaste inside. They’re an artifact of the manufacturing process known as “eye marks” or “color marks,” printed marks that can be read by light beam sensors and typically identify where product packaging is to be cut or folded as connected units stream through machinery at high speed.”

The colored square on your toothpaste does not indicate anything about the ingredients inside. It is a myth!

If you want to know the truth about what is inside the toothpaste, you need to read the back of the packaging. There you’ll see any active ingredients that are used and the other inactive ingredients. As a rule of thumb, if the ingredient is difficult to pronounce, then it is probably synthetic and not natural.

One ingredient that Colgate continues to use in their toothpaste is triclosan. Although the FDA banned triclosan for use in hand soaps, they allow Colgate – a large corporation – to use it as an active ingredient in their most popular toothpaste.

Tell your friend and family that the colored square on toothpaste tubes does not indicate the ingredients inside!

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