If You Need A Good Laugh Today Check Out This Footage Of Baby Faces Mid Push [video]

Updated February 14, 2017

As every parent knows, welcoming a newborn baby to the family is a time of celebration. And if it is the first child, everything they do is a miracle. Milestones are numerous and include the first time they cry, their first smile, and of course, their first poo.

While no one except a new parent would celebrate someone pooing, it is a sign that a baby is healthy and everything inside them is working as it should. But as the baby ages, dealing with those dirty diapers gets less and less exciting. And having to dispose of all those diapers gets tiresome – and expensive.

But a group of parents started turning poo time into a cute online gallery. Because their babies make such comical faces while attending to nature’s call, parents started snapping photos of their babies filling their diapers. And the resulting online gallery is totally worth a few minutes of your time!

As you scroll through the baby pictures, you’ll see that mom and dad caught their little one in the perfect position. He or she just needed to push it out and didn’t bother to hide the truth on their faces.

Some of the babies in this gallery have very strained expressions and are working very hard to clear the waste from the bodies. Others have a look of joyful release on their cute faces.

In some, the babies start to drool and let dribble escape their mouths as they attend to nature’s all-important call.

Newborn babies spend the majority of their time eating, sleeping, and pooping. And in these snaps, they’re focused on just one of their three major activities. And you can guess which one…

On Daily Mail, viewers had a lot of interesting things to say about these funny pictures:

“I laughed at them all… Harmless enjoyment of babies… glad I’m not doing the changing !!! done my share…”

“Hysterical. Thanks for a good laugh.”

“They are so comical. They look like little old people.”

“Cute. But babies these days must see more of the phone lens Than they do their parents faces! I was snap-happy and that was in the days before smartphones!”

While most people find these photos innocent and adorable, some people are offended that parents are posting embarrassing pictures of their newborns.

“Gross! How will the babies feel about this when they are adults? I hope they can sue their parents,” an outraged reader wrote.

“It is not very nice for them, they might not be too happy about it, i would only want to show pictures of them looking their best,” another parent agreed.

Parents do spend a lot of time of their phones and children are noticing. One daycare even confronted parents about it and urged them to get off their phones will picking their kids up. When parents pay attention to their kids, they grow into more well-adapted adults and confident people.

Did you enjoy scrolling through these baby photos? Which one did you find the funniest?

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