If Your Life Depended On You Spotting The Deadly Predator In Under 10 Seconds Could You?

Updated August 11, 2017

Visual puzzles and optical illusions are becoming popular all over again. While they were cool and trendy years ago, with the internet, they’re coming back in a big way. Not only are they popular puzzles and games to play online, optical illusions are being used in the real world to help save lives. For example, in London some authorities are using optical illusions to create the perception of speed bumps without having to invest in expensive materials. It was shown to reduce average speeds and thus is effective. But today, you’re going to want to see if you can find the thing hiding in plain sight. Scroll down to give this popular Playbuzz quiz a chance. It’s challenging, but you can do it! Then pass the fun on to a friend.

Animals are skilled at keeping hidden within their environments. Camouflage keeps them safe from predators or helps them sneak up on their prey. It’s a useful tool that gives animals an advantage over others.

Take a look at the images below. You’re going to want to see if you can find the hidden animals within the scene. These kind of quizzes usually seem easy, but they’re not.

In the first photo, you’ll see a dry grass scene with wildflowers. The yellow flowers take up the center of the screen, but there is a deadly predator lurking behind the innocent flowers. Can you see identify which kind of predator it is?

The second image challenges your ability to detect a camouflaged animal even more. The slimy, wet scene shows dark rocks and vibrant green moss. You have to decide if you see a frog, turtle or toad. It’s not easy to guess on this one – you’ve actually got to see the animal through the camouflage.

The next image introduces another African scene. It’s dry and hot and another creatures is lurking behind the grass. Can you decide what you’re looking at or is it too tough? I don’t blame you if you want to give up, but don’t. Keep going and do your best to spot the camouflaged animals hiding in plain sight.

In my opinion, the fourth image is the hardest. The scene is set in wooded forest. You have to determine if you’re looking at a deer, an elk or a hawk. I had no idea what was hiding there. And even after I guessed wrong, I still couldn’t see the correct answer.

The fifth image is also tough. Choosing between a snake and a parrot seems like an obvious one, but you’ll probably end up guessing unless you lean into your vision skills. Can you see the critter hiding right there among the leaves? It’s not even attempting to blend in, it just does like an expert.

I also found the sixth image to be tough. This is another brown scene like in a forest or mountain and you’re expected to find the owl, snake or lizard. Can you see it?

Number seven challenges your again. You’ll need to identify in the hiding critter is a wolf or deer.

Finally, number eight shows you a grass scene like on the plains.

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