Illegals Think They Can Use Farmer’s Land To Camp Out On, Quickly Learn It’s A Huge Mistake

Updated March 13, 2017

While a group of trespassers camped out on a farmer’s land, they were horrified when he approached them with a gun. Because the farmer who owned land in Sweden scared the migrant trespassers, they called the police on him – but ended up not getting the response they expected.

The Swedish farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, discovered that a group of six trespassers were using his land without his knowledge. Because it was his property, he was compelled to take action and stop them from abusing what was rightfully his.

The trespassers were snapping pictures of the farmer’s livestock and even inspecting it without the owner’s permission. To make it clear that he didn’t want these trespassers on his land, the farmer approached them with his hunting rifle.

Terrified he might use it, the trespassers called the police, but didn’t get the kind of help they expected…

The farmer fired a warning shot. This sent the trespassers running. However, when they got off his land, they called the police and reported being harassed and threatened at gunpoint.

Police respected the story of the six migrants, until they did some investigating. But as soon as they learned that they had trespassed, they told them that they would not be getting help for the authorities. No one had been hurt, so no harm had been done.

But the internet picked up the story and forced authorities to investigate.

As a result, the immigrants were detained and questioned by police. Some reports indicate that they have been deported, although nothing is confirmed.

“Of course the farmer was within his rights to protect himself and his property from invaders. They had no right or reason to be there. They should have left, no problem. They got what they deserved. A lesson in law,” one Newsiosity reader commented in response to the story on the site’s Facebook page.

“Sweden today, America tomorrow. They are already here, they are planning their takeover of America. They have their armies in every state and possibly every town in America. They have succeeded in turning American against American. They have convinced many they are the ones being persecuted. Once they conclude they have fooled all they will be able to fool they will attack. The people who remain fools will fight with them, the ones who finally realize they have been fooled will be killed. It’s not if it will happen but rather when,” one reader added.

“Terrorists are herding refugees right past Saudi Arabia where they have air conditioned accommodations for them all. Their goal is to invade countries around the world, and here. Trump is attempting to stop these people from coming here, and liberals are fighting him. Trump will continue the fight to protect Americans,” one reader wrote.

“He didn’t confront immigrants but illegal aliens and they should be removed now and not wait for years to do so. children and all,” another expressed.

Do you think this farmer had the right to bear arms against the trespassers? Or did he take things too far?

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