I’m Not Sure These Online Dating Profiles Are Going To Work. Would You Ask Them Out?

Updated August 8, 2017

Tinder has become one of the leading online dating apps used by young people today. The premise of the service is simple. If you ‘like’ the way someone looks – based on a few sentences and photos – you “swipe right” on them to indicate your interest. If you’re not interested, “swipe left” and they go away. After both of you swipe right, a chat opens up that allows the people to organize a date – or more often than not an anonymous hookup. While Tinder has produced some real relationships, it is home to a host of creepy people looking for love. Below you’ll find a gallery of bizarre profiles from people looking to date someone in their area. Would you ever go out with one of these people?

Scroll through these images and comment below if you’re interested in taking these young people out on a date. If you know someone who uses Tinder, these are the kinds of people they’re interacting with. As a parent, you should know that.

One girl, who identifies herself as Rachel, says that honestly, “I just want to get some free Chipotle out of this.” Her image, of herself devouring a burrito amid a scene of Armageddon will have anyone swiping left as fast as lightening.

A 24-year-old research assistant named Senora has a twisted motive for getting it on through Tinder. “I’m the kind of girl you can take home to your family. I will then get closer to them than and we’ll slowly phase you out.”

Another girl, who wishes not to be named, wants her dates to know that she carries a knife. And she will carve initials into a tree just to show her date how well she can use it.

20-year-old Lucy admits that her life is one big falling act. After titling her “autobiography,” trips, slips and falls, she goes on to tell potential lovers about the one time she fell down a flight of stairs backwards while trying to impress the group she was giving a tour to.

Clint, 24, form Palm Beach is creepy. “I like to take girls out for a massive plate of barbecue ribs on a first date… [Whoever eats more ribs than me] will become my warrior bride. My Boudicca. I’ll set nations ablaze at her feet just to watch the flames dance in her eyes. Our love will be beautiful in its violence as a tempest hits the Bering Strait, and should it die; it dies as it began, with a mound of bones between us.”

A 19-year-old girl, who hides her Tinder profile from her parents, writes: “When to a party dressed as an egg, got with a guy dressed as a chicken. A lifelong question was answered that night. It was the chicken…”

23-year-old Beth has a strange view of the world: “Sometimes I wonder how mattress stores stay in business. They’re everywhere, but the average adult buys a mattress, what , like every 7-10 years? With high overhead costs and infrequent sales, how could they be making a profit? Like the Chewbacca Defense, IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. If you have an answer, please message me immediately.”

Would you date these people?

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