I’m Surprised Wife Didn’t Divorce Him After Prank He Filmed And Shared For All To Watch [video]

Updated April 6, 2017

While it is not something I would want to do, some couples like to get in prank wars with each other. And YouTubers Nikki and John are among the most popular on the internet. They’re relentless with pranking each other and have seemingly no rules when it comes to what’s off limits. Instead, they hammer each other with a devastating prank at the worst possible moment – like in this video, when Nikki has to use the bathroom.

Seven years ago, Nikki posted a prank video where she is shown smashing John’s Xbox to bits. After destroying his prized possession, Nikki simply says, “Oops.” Now it is time for John to get revenge. He’s waited almost a decade, but that only makes the revenge sweeter…

On April Fool’s Day, John decided to pour a bunch of superglue on the toilet seat. He made sure to do it right before Nikki had to go to the bathroom. This way, she’d be sitting on it for a while and become glued to the seat.

The clip is 6-minutes long. And it has gotten almost 6 million views.

Although John admits that Nikki was sick and he didn’t want to prank her, he was compelled to because the perfect moment arose. And in the clip, you’ll watch as he superglues the love of his life to the toilet. Somehow they still have a relationship after all these years.

You can watch John set up the prank in the beginning. When he realizes that Nikki has to use the bathroom really badly, he goes in there and superglues the toilet. She sits down at the 1-minute mark and quickly realizes that she has been pranked.

Tens of thousands of people have left comments about the video. Here is an assortment of the most popular ones:

“why isn’t anyone discussing about how painful for the skin to rip apart from the toilet seat?”

“This actually happened to a little 5 year old girl in England she went into a public toilet and she sat on the seat and she had sat on glue used to stick wood together she sat up and she had flesh ripped out of her butt and blood was everywhere. Trust me it was on the news…” wrote Charlie the Fox.

Other people don’t think it is real or think that they would have noticed.

“I’m still quite confused as to how she didn’t see the super glue on the toilet seat? Before I sit down I inspect the seat to make sure there is no water on it, since my toilet is right next to my sink,” wrote Dolo Squad.

“So fake she would’ve seen the glue and felt it asap you guys don’t deserve to easy money you make off youtube from these little kids believing this ignorant stuff,” wrote Publiic Domain.

What do you think about this prank? Has he gone too far or is it funny?

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