Impatient Driver Keeps Trying To Cut Off Group Of Veterans On Bikes, Gets What’s Coming To Him

Updated October 3, 2017

Don’t people know by now that you shouldn’t mess the military veterans? I thought it was the kind of thing you figured out from a few years in this country. Why would you want to dishonor someone who put their lives on the line to fight for American freedom around the globe. They help protect us from enemies including terrorists who threaten our lives everywhere around the globe and even on our home turf. Whether it is a ISIS gunman who broke into a club in Orlando to shoot up the revelers or a 64-year-old murderer who gunned down dozens of people along the Las Vegas strip. Members of the military are vital to our safety. And veterans need to be shown more respect. That’s why you’d think the driver of the Jeep in this video would show these veteran bikers a bit more respect than he did. But it appears that Karma took its turn to teach the punk a lesson in respecting members of the armed forces. Check out the viral video included below to see how this encounter plays out.

From the video here we don’t get the whole story. Something has already happened to set off the players involved. When the owner of the helmet-cam shakes his head “no” as the Jeep tries to merge into the lane with the Project 22 / Ride for Vets bikers, we see things quickly get out of control.

While the bikers shouldn’t have blocked the car – at risk of their own safety – the car can’t break the law either. And because the bikers are a group of veterans who put their lives on the line for citizens like the person driving the Jeep in this video. There is just a total lack of respect.

The video below was uploaded about two years ago and has been viewed almost 2 million times. And people are still upset about how this Jeep owner treated the veterans on the motorcycles.

Here was the description uploaded along with the video:

“A man in a Jeep decides he’s not going to wait for the police escorted motorcycle ride. So he jumps the curb, cutting off the bikers and begins to pass the motorcyclists at high speed, endangering the participants during the Project 22 / Ride for Vets.”

After you watch the video, you’ll understand how in the wrong this driver was. And here was what people like you wrote about the incident on YouTube:

“I can’t stop laughing haha I love it! INSTANT JUSTICE”

“This is a police escorted parade for veterans.  If this was just a bunch of people on motorcycles out riding for the day then yes obviously they should leave a lane open, but that’s not what this is, it’s a police escorted veterans parade.”

“What the Jeep did was wrong, but I have to say that I can see his frustration. There is never any excuse to block all lanes of traffic. Not even funeral processions do this. The take the right most lane and stick to it.”

Do you think the driver of the Jeep should face criminal charges? Or did Karma teach him enough of a lesson?