Impatient Driver Who Thinks They’re Entitled To Cut Off Others, Gets Instant Dose Of Karma

Updated March 13, 2017

If you’ve ever driven on a highway, then there is a good chance that you’ve witnessed some really crummy drivers in action. And every so often you come across a completely disrespectful driver who obviously feels that his/her schedule is far more important than the rest of the world. Some not-so-smart speeders treat the highway like it’s their own personal race track. And sometimes, their luck runs out and karma gets them back.

When one impatient driver was racing along a Connecticut highway, he was clearly on a mission to get somewhere and possibly wipe out everyone in his path on the way there. He started out by weaving in and out of other cars until they all got out of his way and merged into the right lane. Cars started to pile up in the right lane at a busy exit, but instead of waiting in line like everyone else, this arrogant driver thought he was much more deserving of that so he cut over the solid white line and cut the line of cars exiting, filling in a space between another car and a large truck. But, as luck would have it, a Connecticut State Trooper was just two cars in front of him, and she witnessed the entire event unfold.

The State Trooper immediately got out of her car and motioned for the rude driver to pull over.

“What’s up?” he says, not showing any remorse at all.

“You can’t cross that solid white line!” She yells. And then the dashboard footage cuts out. This guy happened to be pulling a fast one, around the wrong person. Let’s hope he learned his lesson and will abide by the law for now on. Surely he got a pretty hefty ticket for speeding and crossing a marked lane.

Karma has a way of sneaking into our lives when we least expect it, but usually, if you have any type of remorse or guilt about your wrongdoing, it’s not so bad and people will let you off the hook. But, it was evident that this guy had no regrets for putting several other lives in danger. It’s mind boggling how people like this even manage to maintain their licenses for any length of time.

Evidently, this exit is known for impatient drivers cutting in line…

“When I’m in this lane waiting in a back up I always watch in my mirrors for jerks like this and I pull over or forward to make it so they can’t get in. If they hit me it’s their fault ( never has happened) but it’s their fault as they are breaking the law and being a bad driver.”

And not a lot of people had sympathy for the guy…

“Well, now he knows he can’t cross the solid white line… If he had paid attention in drivers education he should have known that. I believe he did know but was just being an inconsiderate douche since it seems to come naturally to him.”

“Instant karma… But that cop already had her lights on and was rather slow (er) than the cars ahead of her. Likely adding to the traffic that was already building without her allowing down.”