In All The Years, Dolly Hasn’t Lost A Step. You Have To See Her Latest TV Appearance [video]

Updated October 17, 2016

Being a famous late night TV show hosts comes with its perks. Perhaps you get to drive around with celebrities and sing karaoke in the car, maybe you get to perform some hilarious skits, other times you’re forced to play silly games.

But ever since he became the host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has become renown for forcing his guests to perform the most ludicrous and ridiculous games you can imagine.

In 2014 Dolly Parton came on the program in order to discuss her upbringing where she was just one of 12 children. Fallon was flabbergasted by that fact. But he really couldn’t believe it when Dolly Parton told him that she always wears wigs. That’s not her real hair!

She never would have guessed what he was going to pull out from under his desk next!

Parton is hardly the first person who has had to go through the embarrassing gauntlet that is Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

One time Fallon forced Adam Levine to sing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’ in a Frank Sinatra voice.

But this incident with Parton topped the scales when it comes to weird bits. After telling him how she used to get on the porch and perform for her family and all their farm animals singing in a tin can, she revealed the truth about her hair.

Dolly Parton owns at least 365 wigs. She has one for every day of the year.

Being an interesting host who isn’t afraid of a little self-deprecating humor, Fallon reached under his desk and pulled out a large blonde wig – much the same as Parton wears herself.

Surprised by Fallon’s wig collection, Parton tells him to put it on and try it out. Being a good sport, Fallon complies. And he looks pretty good as a blonde!

According to Parton, growing up in the mountains of East Tennessee was tough. Her dad was a farmer and her mother kept the house. And she would usually tell the twelve children funny things like, “Kids, if we had some ham, we’d have ham and eggs, if we had some eggs.”

Check out the hilarious wig moment at the 2-minute mark. Dolly says, “You should put it on.” Fallon looks angry but the audience erupts in cheers and he has no choice but to do it.

Want to know what other fans had to say about this funny clip? Here are some comments on the YouTube video:

“Dolly Is The Cutest Thing She Has An Amazing Personality!”

“I’m not a fan of her music it’s just not for me but Dolly is the cutest little thing”

“Jimmy looks like Rod Stewart with her wig on”

“She is so cute! I love her high pitch shrieky laughter!”

“The Parton Sisters, ladies and gentlemen!”

“Gosh, she seems genuinely nice…classy and gracious”

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