In Middle Of The Night Dog Jumps On Mom, She Knows Right Away Son Is In Trouble

Updated February 2, 2017

When push comes to shove, every dog has the innate ability to rise to the challenge and become a superhero. Although you may think your pooch is lazy or stupid, if an emergency situation occurred, your dog’s inclination to jump to action might surprise you.

Jedi is a black Labrador retriever and he had the opportunity to express his heroism. And because this dog, named after the Jedi Masters from the Star Wars movies, knew that something was wrong, he did what he needed to do to get his young owner the help he needed.

As a therapy dog, the Nuttall family uses Jedi to help protect their 7-year-old son Luke, and we’re not talking about Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars movies. Luke has type 1 diabetes and that means if his body does not get the insulin it needs, Luke could be in a lot of trouble. Fortunately, Jedi knows when Luke needs insulin and knows who to contact in such an emergency…

Through a rigorous training process, Jedi, who has lived with the Nuttalls since he was a puppy, has learned to detect even the smallest changes in Luke’s blood sugar. If it either goes too high or too low, Jedi is trained to react.

While scientists can’t yet determine what dogs smell when a person’s blood sugar drops, they know that dogs can sense it, the Washington Post reports.

Because Luke and Jedi sleep side by side every night, the dog has a good sense about Luke’s regular blood sugar numbers. So if they change drastically, he knows that it is his job to do something about it.

One night, Jedi rushed into Luke’s mom, Dorrie’s bedroom and jumped on her bed. The dog acted strange and would not let Dorrie go back to sleep. When she realized that the dog was in her room, Dorrie shot up and went to go check on her son.

Luke’s diabetes monitor said everything was fine.

Dorrie was confused. Jedi had a look on his face begging her to do something to help Luke. So, Dorrie checked Luke’s blood sugar herself and found it to be very low -57. Because Jedi did not let up, she found out the machine had been wrong. Dorrie gave her son a glucose tablet and helped raise his blood sugar to a healthier level. And her family’s love for Jedi has only deepened.

It is expensive to adopt a dog who can detect changes in blood sugar. For example, the non-profit group Dogs Assisting Diabetes Foundation asks for a $15,000 adoption fee. While it is unclear how much it cost for the Nuttalls to add Jedi to their family, every cent of their investment has already paid off.

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“Animals are soooooooo’ smart. What a great dog this is… !!! I love dogs !!” Gail Gray wrote.

“Very special dog,” Darla Anderson wrote.

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