Industry Insider Films Video Hotel Companies Are Hoping Gets Deleted Before You Can See It

Updated July 11, 2017

What do you do after checking into the hotel room? Probably put your bags down and plop onto the bed. Or you take a shower and then get into the bed. Both of these activities have one thing in common – they imply trust that the hotel housekeeping staff did their job and cleaned your room. You expect your bed sheets, bath towels and everything in the room to have been laundered and clean. But the truth will disgust you. After some travelers posted hidden cameras in their rooms, they revealed what the housekeepers really do – and how the $200+ you’re spending per night for your hotel room really gets spent.

The hidden camera footage you will see below has put several large hotel chain in boiling hot water. Not only are people refusing to book with them anymore until they change the way they care for their guests’ rooms, they are using other sources like AirBnb because they have direct contact with the property owner.

The negligence at these hotel chains is disgusting and dangerous. A simple investigation revealed that bacteria levels in hotel rooms is more than 2 to 10 times higher than what would be accepted at a hospital. And hospitals are supposedly the easiest places to get sick – I guess major hotel chains are even worse. No wonder people often get so ill during their travels.

Fox Atlanta conducted this alarming investigation. They learned that several hotel items can result in life-threatening problems. If you’re planning to book a hotel anytime soon – and you might want to cancel your plans after seeing this – watch out for these three common health problems to avoid at all costs at your major hotel chains.

First, check your drinking glasses. While you may want to use the glasses to drink some free water from the tap, beware because your health could be at risk. But you probably won’t want to. Those glasses are hardly ever cleaned and are left soiled for the next paying guest.

ABC News conducted a similar investigation. They set up hidden cameras in five hotel chains including Holiday Inn and Ritz Carlton and found that every one of them – the most expensive hotel chains included – did not wash their rooms’ drinking glasses.

Drinking glasses were rinsed out with only water and left for the next guest to put their lips and germs all over.

In some cases, drinking glasses were wiped down with the same towel that was used to clean the bathroom – including the toilet.

One housekeeper sprayed the drinking glasses with blue liquid clearly marked “Do not drink.”

Like drinking glasses, in-room coffee makers are germ heaven. Cleaners use Lysol on it and even wipe it down with the same dirty toilet rag.

Bed sheets and pillows are also often filthy. Before you get cozy, remember that hotels usually clean their bed sheets – but it’s cheaper for them not to wash the smaller pillows and decorative blankets. That means you’re sharing bedding with hundreds or thousands of previous guests.

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