Industry Insider Leaks How Supermarkets Use Tricks To Rob You Blind. Here’s What You Should Know

Updated August 21, 2017

While you might think nothing is more American and family-oriented than a grocery store, your preconceived notions are about to be turned on their head. In truth, grocery stores use manipulative, sneaky and downright creepy methods to separate you as far away from your wallet as possible. For those trying to save money and be efficient at the grocery store, the best thing you can do is make a list before going and stick to it. This reduces impulse buys and falling victim to the numerous ploys stores across the country use to make you want to buy, buy, buy – even when you don’t need it. Learn more about these grocery store tricks and how to protect yourself and your hard-earned money.

Grocery stores are not fools when it comes to the way they merchandise their shelves. They know what will and will not encourage you to buy more product.

For example, the 10 for $10 or 5 for $5 deals are one of their tried and true methods for making you buy more than you really need. While these are certainly good deals, you might not know that you can actually get one for $1. Although they’re saying it is 5 for $5, you don’t have to buy all five to get that price per unit. This tricks makes many people buy more than they really need to and end up spending more than planned – and have extra food at home that could spoil or get wasted.

Studies show that consumers buy more product when it’s listed as 10 for $10 than any other deal. It tricks consumers into thinking it’s a better deal when it is really just a fancy way of saying that something costs $1.

Pre-cut produce is another scam employed by grocery stores to get you spending more. While these items do save you time cutting and prepping the food, you get less product for your money. If you spent the few minutes at home cleaning and cutting the produce, you’d save a lot of money over time. While buying whole produce is cheaper than the prepared alternative –want an even more cost-effective way to get your veggies? Try growing some yourself at home in your garden.

Bigger grocery carts encourage people to buy more food. If the shopping car size is doubled, consumers purchase about 40 percent more food. Just looking at an empty cart makes you want to fill it up with food you don’t really need – even if it isn’t on your grocery list.

We’re all familiar with the impulse buy sections in the checkout section. And grocery stores know exactly what to put there to entice you. Chewing gum, tabloids and high-calorie candy bars are tempting – and if you’re hungry or tired, you’re going to be EVEN more likely to buy them.

Grocery stores often put fragrant flowers or baked goods in the front to warm your heart. This makes you more likely to buy.

What do you think about these sneaky tricks to make you buy more?

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