Instead Of Paying Someone $1000 To Remove A Tree Stump, He Drills Into The Center And Pours Oil

Updated October 26, 2016

After cutting down a tree, you can be left with an extremely tough to remove tree stump.  These things are never appealing, and tell people passing by two things: you do not take care of your yard, and you like to chop down trees, which some people may not be so fond of.

If you have a tree stump in your yard, then don’t worry because there are many ways to get rid of it.  You can go to Home Depot and get a chemical tree stump remover, have the pros do it, or you can use this fun DIY way that was introduced by YouTuber Marsh Rat.

This way of removing a tree stump may take longer than the method of removal with a store bought chemical, however it can be a lot of fun because it involves fire!

If you have a stump to remove, go grab your largest drill bit (half an inch), a drill, and some vegetable oil.  Drill holes spaced about two inches apart into the stump as far down as you can go, and then grab your oil.

Pour the oil on top of the stump, and let it fill up the holes.  Let it sink in, and get inside of the wood.  You will want to do this for a few days until the wood has become saturated with vegetable oil.  This will aid the burning process later.

Always be checking the holes you drilled to check if there is still oil in them.  If the holes are dry, that means it’s time to pour on some more!

Once your tree has been soaking for a while, it is time to finally get rid of that stump.  Pour on last coat of oil onto the tree stump, and then get your flammable material.  In the video, Marsh Rat says that he was going to use just standard firewood, but instead is going to use charcoals because of how nicely they burn and due to the windy environment at the moment he was filming.

The charcoals are places on top of the stump, and then also covered in vegetable oil.  After stuffing some paper into the charcoal bag, he then topped it off with vegetable oil once again, and then set it on fire.

He let the charcoals burn for about a day and a half, when finally there was a light rain which put the fire out.  He then added regular firewood, and burned that down.

The stump kept on smoldering and smoking for days as more and more burning material got added on top.  This process kept on repeating for days and days until the stump had finally reached its finally stages and was completely gone just from the force of fire.

This process is in no way the fastest process, but can be much easier than having to hire people to professionally remove the stump.

If you want to see the video showing the stump removal process from start to finish, check out the video below!