Instead Of Tearing Down Old Military Hanger, It’s Turned Into A Tropical Paradise [video tour]

Updated November 14, 2016

When you think about planning a tropical vacation, the last place on your list is Brandenburg, Germany, which plummets into freezing temperatures in the winter. Forty miles outside of Berlin, you won’t even get the awesome urban experience of the big Germany city. But the completely landlocked community, with average temperatures not exceeding 65 degrees in July, Brandenburg actually houses a huge secret that few people in the world know about.

But that secret is now going viral. Why? Because it changes the way families across the globe plan their vacations forever. What is it? Well, inside of an old aircraft hangar a unique paradise awaits. And the only way to fully appreciate it is to pack your swim trunks and flip flops because you’re about to go on a tropical vacation…

In the heartland of Germany, vacationers swarm a large aircraft hangar that has been re-purposed into a tropical paradise. The Tropical Islands Resorts underneath its dome welcomes people with its sand and water and even palm trees.

Ever since the airship hangar was retired years ago, it was bought up by the vacation company, which transformed the 1,200 feet long, 700-feet wide space into a secluded paradise that people don’t want you to know exists – because they want it all for themselves.

Inside this oasis, the internal temperature is kept at a constant, balmy 78-degrees, which is ideal for beachgoers to strip down to their suits and relax along the lagoon-like pool. Plus, in that environment, the tropical plants found all over the paradise can thrive just as if they were in Mexico or Jamaica.

Go to Brandenburg, Germany in the dead of winter, when everyone else is wearing galoshes and parkas, and enter this old hangar to enjoy a tropical paradise unlike anything else on the planet.

This man-made rainforest is as authentic as it can be. More than 50,000 plants call it home and there are actually wildlife and waterfowl living in the resort, including flamingos.

Do you want an even more authentic experience? Check out the spider and tropical insect display (Good thing they had the sense not to release those critters of their cages).

Beyond the sand beach, you can enjoy the warm waters of the pool and even the two hot tubs in the center isle.

The designers drew influence from real Mediterranean homes to craft a special getaway for the people of Germany and any visitors.

But this paradise isn’t only beautiful during the day when the sun is shining – at night it is also a perfect place.

For families looking to relax, the kids have their own play place so adults can enjoy themselves and not have to worry. It includes a pirate ship the children can climb all over as well as bumper boats and other games.

Adults are drawn to the huge pool and hot tubs that make this place special. Plus, you can lounge in the beach sand and feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

You also get your own private tent for the feel of beach camping with the amenities of an indoor resort.

Would you ever visit this Tropical Island Resort paradise in Germany?

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