Instead Of Tossing Old Dresser Drawers, She Did This. I Can’t Believe I Never Thought To Do THIS…

Updated March 18, 2016

Have you ever had a broken dresser? Well, if it happens, don’t throw it out so quickly. After reading this article, you might be inspired to use the drawers to create something useful.

While it might be time to replace your dresser, save the drawers and use them for one of the following DIY projects. These 13 ideas are easy and fun!

  1. Attach rods and create a kitchen device to hold your paper towels and plastic wrap.
  2. Paste some paper onto the bottom of the drawer and attach it to your bathroom wall. Now you can hold your toiletries.
  3. Old dresser drawers make a perfect book display rack (credit: Addison Meadows Lane).
  4. Wall décor won’t be the same once you repurpose old drawers to hold art.
  5. Your small dog will love to lounge in a DIY dog bed.
  6. You can make a custom dollhouse from old dresser drawers.
  7. Cut of the fronts of drawers and attach them to walls. Hang stuff from the knobs.
  8. Turn a drawer into a jewelry organizer.
  9. Store overflow dishes easily when you nail drawers to your kitchen walls.
  10. The laundry room needs a storage space for detergent and bleach. Use a dresser drawer.
  11. You can even grow an indoor plant on an old drawer.
  12. Stack a couple drawers together to create a bookshelf.
  13. Organize your mudroom with a DIY shoe rack and key holder.

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