Instead Of Using A Doctor, She Decides To Perform Her Own Surgery. What She Injects In Her Face? OMG

Updated May 17, 2016

In Hollywood, Florida, 48-year-old transgender woman Rajee Narinesingh made a huge mistake when she tried to look more feminine.

About a decade ago, she sought out harmful black market facial injections that included cement and tire sealant in order to give her a more womanly appearance. The procedure failed miserably and for more than 10-years, she was stuck with the chemicals rotting away in her face.

Last year, Narinesingh asked Los Angeles-based plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to remove the harmful chemicals from her face. At first they said no. But when she came back again, they reconsidered.

On the premier of E!’s new reality show, Botched, Narinesingh went to the doctors who removed the cement and tire sealant from her cheeks and chin during a high-risk surgery.

Narinesingh initially received the facial injections at a “plumping party” in Hollywood, Florida back in 2003.

The 48-year-old had approached the surgeons last year but they turned her away. Now they’re giving her a second chance at surgery.

“The day we graduate medical school we say, “Doctor do no harm.” Rajee has never been offered a surgical solution because the risks outweigh the potential benefits,” Dr. Dubrow explains as to why they turned her away last year.

Narinesingh has fallen prey to the “toxic tush” doctor Oneal Ron Morris who gained a reputation for using substances like Fix-a-Flat, Super Glue and mineral oil in his black market plastic surgeries.

Hoping to finally get the cement removed from her face, Narinesingh approached Botched.

“I have to make sure my plan is a conservative one, it’s a smart one and it doesn’t take any undo careless risks with Rajee’s face,” Dr. Dubrow told the cameras.

The doctors finally agreed to perform the surgery. They used a bone saw to cut out the cement. After hours of surgery, he carefully removed all the cement from the woman’s face.

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