ISIS Just Had Their Worst Nightmare Show Up On Their Hometurf To Send Them Directly To Hell

Updated March 15, 2017

United States citizens are cheering on the 500 troops who were recently deployed to Syria on a mission to deter aggression and keep the focus on defeating ISIS.

And that is pretty crummy news for ISIS, who has recently lost control of all territory along the Turkey-Syria border.

As you can see in the images below, the area was taken over by American flags and the pride of citizens to go along with it. These convoys were seen on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Manbij, near the village of Yalanli and there is no denying that they are locked and loaded and ready to defeat the most successful militant group ever. ISIS has seized enormous amounts of Iraq and Syria and has declared itself a state and governing territory for several years now.

Beginning in Iraq in 2004, it was originally known as al Qaeda, but over time the group changed themselves to ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and served as an ally to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda. Both groups are one in the same as they are extreme radical anti-Western militant groups that are dedicated to forming an independent Islamic state in the region.

ISIS has proven to be even more hardcore and better established than al Qaeda, as they have been efficient and successful in controlling and seizing territory.  In order to run their operation smoothly, the group put governing structures in place, also known as the ISIS’ bureaucratic hierarchy. When it comes to the government structure, it’s really not a whole lot different than the Western countries that it despises…you just need to take away the democracy and add in ruthless terrorism.

One of the other reasons why ISIS was such a success, is due to the fact that its force spread fast and the territories were captured with efficiency. In 2014 ISIS was officially declared as a caliphate, which is known as a state that is governed by an Islamic leader. A large source of the income for the group is from oil fields, which was said to make them up to $3 million each day.

But, it looks like the group is slowly being forced out of controlling the territory, and it has lost 12% of its territory so far. With the recent push of US troops, backers are hopeful that the will be completely withdrawn from the picture soon enough.

Commenters are sharing their views on the recent deployment of US troops…

“God bless & protect our troops!! We love you!”

“Kill them all.”

 “Obama’s Muslim ghetto trash are in trouble.”

 And there were a few arguments amongst commenters:

 “Because they are cowards that kill women and children, rape and behead human beings. They deserve everything they’re going to get.”

 At this time it is unknown how long the troops are planning to be over there and if they will be sending more in. Due to all the disaster that ISIS has already caused, we can imagine it will be quite some time.

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