ISIS Terrorist Thinks He’s Being Sneaky, Then Karma Strikes And It’s All Caught On Film [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

It was only a matter of time that ISIS would get what was coming to them. The group is slowly but surely being pushed out of Syria, but in the meantime, there are some interesting incidents happening. As they say…what goes around comes around.

One ISIS terrorist got a taste of his own medicine as he was killed while preparing and IED for an ambush. Evidently, the IED detonated prematurely and its blast was in full force as it took him along with it. The moment was captured on surveillance cameras that the Iraqi Air Force had been running. The incident occurred in Badush, west of Mosul.

Prior to this incident, Iraqi troops gained control of the Badush prison which is well known for where ISIS killed hundreds of women. The location of the prison is of great importance to the Iraqi forces, as the capture will prevent ISIS from moving on across the border to Syria. It is imminent that this area gets controlled by anti-terrorism groups.

While progress is being made, it is slow going, as troops are cautious of the unknown amount of hidden explosives. They have to take their time when surveying the area before they move forward and that could take some time. There have also been ISIS snipers seen in the area, which adds to the caution of the troops. As the terrorists take their final stand, they have been using ruthless tactics, going so far as to use human shields to block themselves from air strikes. These acts aren’t surprising based on the previous incidents that they have been responsible for. There is no limit to how far they will go and who they will kill along the way.

“They ran away like chickens,” said 18-year-old Rayan Mohammed, who was a survivor of the group’s torture. Mohammed lived through 60 lashes that he received from the terrorists, all because he missed prayers. He was recently liberated.

“My men are combing the city center area to defuse bombs in homes and shops and buildings,” said Iraq’s elite Rapid Response Lieutenant Colonel Abdulamir al-Mohammedawi.

And of course, commenters felt no sympathy when they witnessed the terrorist fly through the air after the IED detonated…

“And that’s how it should be done every time!!”

“If he has a funeral, they should play Chad and Jeremy’s hit, I Go To Pieces.”

“What a tragedy. Only one of them was blown up.”

“Too sweet……more of these, please. Maybe a YouTube video channel called “oops.”

“Stop it stop it, I’m laughing so much I’ve got a stitch.”

“Ha ha that one tickled my ribs I bet it did a little more than that to him.”

In the video below, you can witness the moment for yourself. The terrorist literally goes flying through the air to his death. It’s hard to tell what he is doing prior to the explosion, but it is certain that this terrorist got what was coming to him. We can be certain that there weren’t too many tears shed for this guy.