It Looks Like He’s Filming An Empty Mountainside. Now Watch What Happens At The :09 Mark. INSANE

Updated March 14, 2016

Tell me what you see when you first start watching the video. If you’re anything like me, you’ll notice the rocky terrain and the high-desert brush.

But when someone fires their gun? OH MY GOODNESS! I never saw that coming.

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What if I told you that there were more than 20 animals in this scene?

Even with that information can you spot them? Probably not. They’re so well camouflaged not even the best hunters know where to look.

But after the hunter fires a shot, a herd of Bull Tahr burst into a stampede to run to safety.

This video was shot of the West Coast of New Zealand.

People who watched the video (included below) on YouTube had extreme reactions.

“That was insane!!” Joceline Faubert wrote.

“This blew my mind!  Talk about Ninja moves!” Jennifer Overstreet shared.

“this is just amazing.  like the whole side of the mountain came alive.  like a bad dream or for a hunter glassing the area then when the shot rang out the sight blew him away .  incredible scene…  love it”

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