It May Seem Like Just A Tree. But Hiding In Plain Sight Is A Deadly Creature. Can You Spot It?

Updated March 23, 2016

A new photo has been going around picturing a deadly and rare animal in plain sight, being hidden only by its camouflage.

A woman named Leanne Cook posted the photo, taken in Maitland, north of Sydney, on social media. She encouraged her friends to point out the sneaky creature’s location, as it was hidden so well.

The animal is so well disguised that many people would walk by it without giving it a second thought, even though that second thought could save their life.

The photo depicts a venomous tree snake, pressed perfectly into the spaces of the bark that also matches its grey toned scales. The reptilian creature hiding in the photo to be the rare and deadly Stephen’s Banded Snake.


Billie Weir, venom specialist of the South Australian Museum, says that the species is indeed a venomous one. The species is even known as “ready biters,” and their venom can be deadly if not properly treated in time.

‘The venom yields a high prothrombinase enzyme, which triggers thrombin production in the blood,’ stated Weir. This means that the snakebite can alter how blood clots in the body.


Because of this it is urgent that people who are bitten by these snakes are treated.

A man in his 60’s died of a bite from the snake on March 10, 2013, seven days after the snake had bitten him. Due to being trapped in floodwater, the man, Bradley Hicks, could not receive medical attention at the time.

Some facts about the Stephen’s Banded Snake are they usually vary in color from grey and cream to black and brown. They are known to hide underneath bark and out of sight.


These snakes normally spend so much of their time in the trees that their territory can include up to 30 trees. They can also grow up to 1.2 meters in length and lay to upwards of 9 eggs per litter.
Make sure to keep your eyes about you when walking through the woods!