It Might Seem Silly Firefighters Danced To The Song Stayin’ Alive, But Reason Is Life Saving

Updated May 9, 2017

How can you not like a good old fashioned flash mob? The moment usually always takes you by surprise when you are in a public setting and it involves upbeat music and dance moves.

The latest and greatest flash mob to go viral involves an unlikely group of dancers…Firefighters! And they aren’t just out there to get their groove on…they are on a mission to educate as well.

When we think about firefighters, we often picture them running into a burning building to rescue a child in need or holding a massive house to put out a three-story fire in an apartment building. And then there is the classes cat rescue, which is one of the many unglamorous tasks that a firefighter has to do as part of his/her job. They are involved in a lot more than running into burning buildings and rescuing cats and while they seldom get credited for it, firefighters often take on the role of educator. They are responsible for training members of the community on a wide range of things including proper fire safety, CPR, rescuing animals and proper car seat installation. And they are well aware that some of these topics can be rather boring for community members, so they decided to take it upon themselves to make these lessons a little more fun and memorable for their students.

In a flash mob video that has a wide array of songs, the Chattanooga Fire Department is capturing the attention of the community and getting their lessons across. The video starts out by showing the scene of a car accident. As the fire trucks pull up a woman is pounding on an accident victim’s chest and asking for help. The scene is complete with a flipped over car and smoke.

“Can you help him sir?” the woman pleads.

And then it begins…

“Of course we can ma’am…we’re firefighters! Hit it!” he says as he cues someone to turn on the music.

The song “Stayin Alive” comes on and the firefighters all form into dance formation. In between showing footage of the firefighters dancing beneath disco balls that are hung on the truck ladders, there are clips that teach the steps involved in implementing proper CPR. Evidently, the compressions that are done on a person’s chest during CPR can be done to the tune of “Stayin Alive.”Another song that is supposed to work for compressions is “Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen. By doing the compressions to the beat of these songs, you should be able to get the desired 100 compressions per minute.

The Chattanooga Fire Department certainly gets props for using creativity to educate, and they look like they had fun making the video. And evidently, the method of compressions done to the tune works…

“Just helped a man stay alive tonight in coon rapids MN at an outdoor concert when a man collapsed dancing, tell the medic’s got there it took several of us to do it. This works……..I flipping couldn’t believe I remembered this stuff…..thank you whoever you are out there.”