It Took Me A Few Minutes Then It Clicked Why Photo Of Friends On Vacation Is Getting Attention

Updated June 8, 2017

If you take a quick glance at this woman’s vacation photo below, you’ll probably think nothing of it. Besides showing a group of young smiling ladies, there isn’t much else going on. Or is there? Something is amiss in this cityscape and only those with heightened levels of awareness have been able to spot it almost immediately. Can you tell what is so wrong with this woman’s vacation photo? And as a hint, it doesn’t have anything to do with the four women in the center…

As your eyes scavenge the photo for what is wrong, they’ll probably land on a number of things before selecting the one (or should we say nine) true answer. Maybe you’ll see the purple sticker on one of the lady’s arms. Or perhaps, your eyes flit to the strange bike rack right over the woman on the left’s shoulder.

Whatever your eyes land on is probably not the photo’s secret – unless you have a uncanny ability to observe the surroundings around your.

Among these four regular tourists posing for a sunny and smiley photo is a strange occurrence that seems to be popping up everywhere in the image.

When the photo was shared to Imgur, a photo sharing website, the image left people dumbfounded. They could tell something was wrong, but did not see it right away. However, as soon as they noticed the abnormality plaguing the image, they could not ‘un-see’ the visual atrocity.

Imgur user what047 shared the snap online with the caption: “It took me forever to find what was wrong here…”

The uploader is not the only person who is left scratching their head after viewing the image.

When you look beyond the smiling women in the front, you’ll see the strange thing happening all over. One man’s head appears on nine separate bodies. But they can’t all look exactly the same, can they?

No. It appears that some graphic designer has used Photoshop to superimpose that one man’s head onto the bodies of eight other unsuspecting pedestrians. And that quick edit left the internet baffled.

Because the image quickly became popular, more than 500,000 people viewed it in a matter of days. Now they are going at it in the comment section, sharing their opinions and reactions to the image.

Many people were distracted by the lady on the left because of her exposed pose. This left them powerless to spot the Photoshop clones lurking in the background.

When the image was shared on Daily Mail as a news story, even more viewers tried to find what was wrong with the image. They shared hundreds of comments in response to it. Here are some of the most popular:

“I thought that it was a group of Peter Sutcliffe clones walking past.”

“Yawn …. The same guy is used in the background to generate the background crowd.”

“The girl’s shorts are a few sizes too small.”

“I personally thought it was the male hand going for the girls handbag!”

“People! Stop moaning. Especially those who cannot see what is odd in this photo. be a bit light hearted. It´s Friday.”

“Forget the many people with the same head…. The worse thing is the way the girl is sticking her posterior out…what the hell?”

Did you see the clones?

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