It Wasn’t Until He Saw This Photo Of His Parents Did He Understand Why They’d Been So Sad

Updated June 14, 2017

We never forget the amazing moments in our lives. Whether it is the birth of a child or a wedding, these kind of occasions are meant to last in our memories. Unfortunately, some people get plagued with dementia and begin to forget these life events. That forgetting is sad. But that’s why we take photographs and record videos – we want to remember better. And that’s what one son realized when he stumbled upon mom’s 60-year-old wedding video. And he knew at that moment why his mother has been unhappy for years. And it wasn’t because of her husband. It was because she was separated from her favorite car…

Because Joel’s parents were about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, he wanted to give them the gift of a lifetime. And after her saw the old wedding footage, he knew exactly what he needed to do.

Joel’s parents always had fond memories of their 1948 Plymouth convertible. Instead of taking the easy route and buying them a new car, Joel decided to do it right. He scoured America looking for the same car. And he spent a long time trying to make the gift just right.

Because he needed the gift to be a surprise, Joel had to sneak around behind his parents’ back. He wasn’t used to doing that being an honest man his entire life. But in the end, all the sneaking was worth it. He was able to surprise his mom and dad with a 1948 Plymouth convertible – just like the first car they ever owned.

In the video below, you’ll get to see what Joel did for his parents. It’s an amazing gift.

The YouTube video was uploaded to the Hagerty channel and had the following description: “ Joe and Beverly Smith were the proud owners of a 1948 Plymouth Convertible until they had to sell it when Joe was drafted to serve in the Korean War. As a 60th wedding anniversary gift, their son, Joel, found a ’48 Plymouth through Craigslist fixed it up and gave it to them as a surprise. The car will now forever stay in the family and be passed down through generations.”

Hundreds of people shared comments about the video. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

“wow,, this is brilliant.. your folks raised a good son.. what a wonderful gift to give a couple in their twilight years.. you can really see the joy in their faces when they first see the car…well done sir.. be as proud of yourself as your parents are of you.! greetings from the emerald isle.!” Shared Bren Kelly.

“Wow !!  !! This one brought tears to my eyes !! What a Wonderful video and Great Classic Beauty !!  My God American cars were so simple and Beautiful ..Years long gone !!” wrote Douglas Fox.

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