It’s Being Called A 1-In-A-Million Shot, Dad And Son Become Famous Overnight [video]

Updated February 2, 2017

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…

We just found a story about a man who was taking pictures of his son surfing, when he noticed something terrifying in the waves nearby. You are not going to believe your eyes when you see how close this kid came to a great white shark and lived to talk about it.

Chris Hasson was watching his ten year old son, Eden, surfing last week off the coast of Australia and taking pictures of him as he deftly surfed wave after wave.

At one point however, Chris noticed something amazing swimming nearby, and it freaked him out. Hasson managed to capture what has now been identified as an eight foot long juvenile great white shark, within feet of the ten year old surfer, on camera.

Chris Hasson posted the photograph to social media with the following caption:

“Eden Hasson: Playing with sharks. Background to photo. Up Northern for the late surf. Storm in background. I’m on the rocks taking photos of Eden. I see a big dark shape and about to call the small group in and Eden takes off on a left and smashes it to the beach. Just as he is taking off I see something out of the corner of my eye. I keep shooting and after he finishes and starts paddling out I zoom in on the second photo and see he’s just done a backhand snap on an 8 foot Great White Sharks head. Call everyone in and show them the photo. Lucky he didn’t fall off. This photo is going straight to the pool room. Not everyday you get a photo surfing over a big white. Check its mouth. It’s rolled over having a good look at his yummy yellow new wetsuit.”

Hasson’s son, Eden, says “I was shocked but i wasn’t too scared, because it was like, it just happened, and if I was on the wave and saw it I probably would have freaked and fell off. I was lucky I didn’t fall off.”

Hassen also said “Eden rode the wave to the beach. I quickly zoomed in on the second photo and was shocked when I saw the image. Eden was halfway out and I called everyone in. I showed them the photo and everyone was in awe, laughing. One of the surfers said just before the wave a large school of mullet arrived.”

The internet and social media has gone crazy for this close encounter with a top predator., with people saying things like:

“it’s like I’m hungry but first let me take a selfie.”- OMG

“what a badass picture to have of yourself.”- Mandy

“If I were that kid, I’d feel like a badass.”- Emma W.


“that’s from port stephens in the hunter region, New South Wales.”- Psycho Killer


“he didn’t know it was there until after it happened so why be scared about something that has already happened and worked out fine.”- Joel Rainbow

“Is it just me or does the shark look like it’s photoshopped?”- guitarboy

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