It’s Called The Greatest Gas Station Bathroom On Earth, Just Wait Until You See A Tour [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

Gas station bathrooms are notoriously awful, unsanitary, even hellish places. Some have been so abominable that the best course of action would be to burn the entire place to the ground in a cleansing fire.

But we just found a YouTube video of a man who was so impressed with a gas station bathroom in Bohol, Philippines, that he had to share it with the world. You are never going to believe how amazing this gas station bathroom is until you watch this video.

Gas station bathrooms are legendary for their horrible care and upkeep. If you have ever made a pit stop along the highways and byways of America, then you know first hand that there should be some sort of award for the absolute most degenerate gas station bathroom in the world.

This funny video, shot while on vacation in the Philippines, shows that the rest of the world seems to take just a little more pride in their roadside latrines than we do here in the good ole’ US of A.

The video has gone viral, having been watched more than eight million times. And people have been taking to the comment section to express their thoughts and share their, sometimes unbelievable, stories about gas station bathrooms:

“I would totally go to that shell station. This is how you treat your customers right.”- Mark Stewart

“As soon as I clicked on this video, I said, “what do you expect? it’s a public bathroom,” expecting to see same old dirty, disgusting bathroom that every other gas station has. After 20 seconds into the video, What a PLOT TWIST! That bathroom totally looks like it belongs to some 5-star hotel room. It must have cost fortune to build it and maintaining it clean and classy every day must be so inconvenient. The owner must be an oddball LOL”- Gabriella Black

“that literally took me by surprise.”- Youlose

“Even more unbelievable: HE SHOT IT IN LANDSCAPE MODE!”- TheRinzl2r

“My cousin lived in a shell bathroom for almost 3 weeks. It was right across the street from a hotel with free wifi, he put an out of order sign on the door and slept on a sleeping bag in there for almost 3 weeks. It was almost 3 weeks before someone came in and caught him sleeping on the ground. My cousin just acted like ‘How did I get here, what’s going on? Is this a dream?’”- Perkoff

“Anybody else think it was going to look like the crappiest bathroom of all time? I prepared my stomach for what I was about to see lol”- Kill ‘em Network

“wow 7.5 million people came just to watch a TOILET… wonderful.”- Anon.

“I wonder if the state of it encourages people to treat it better when they use it.”- Blimeygames

“life goal: go poop in a gas station in the Philippines.”- Victor Tejada

“Very nice! But if it were in the US the pictures would be torn off the wall and stepped on and there would be writing on the walls and butts on the floor. Sad!”- Anon.

Have you ever seen such an amazing gas station bathroom? Did you tell everyone about your experience? Share your stories with us here.