It’s Considered The Rolls Royce Of Chainsaws And We Finally Found Video Of It In Action

Updated September 11, 2017

If you’re not familiar with The Predator, you’re in for a surprise. And no, we’re not talking about the slimy bounty hunter that was featured in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie back in the 20th century. The Predator in this story is a V-8 chainsaw that requires two experienced loggers to operate it. And in the video below, you’ll see a clip from 2006 as these loggers set a new world record by sawing through a 30-inch log in less than one second – 0.88 seconds to be exact – with The Predator. And if you’re into this kind of sport, you’re going to love watching this clip.

The Predator is a chainsaw that operates with a V-8 engine. And not only does it require two men to operate it, those men also must be willing to hold a machine that could slice them in two in less than a second.

With a chainsaw engine as powerful as a pickup truck’s, this thing could do some damage to flesh and wood alike.

The viral video was uploaded to YouTube about a decade ago and it already has more than 6.6 million views. The person who uploaded the 1.5-minute clip to their channel shared a few words in the clip description. Here they are:

“Just one of the many cool things seen at Logging Days in Placerville California. And just to clarify, this chainsaw holds the world record for cutting a log in 0.88 seconds, BUT the runs you see in this video are approximately 2 seconds long,

“Some people say that this video has been sped up. Well, it has not.  And if it helps at all, you can see a video clip where this video has been sped up for comparison by checking out my other videos related to this one.”

Watch the video now and see why the world is so impressed with this chainsaw. Here are just some of the most popular comments shared to the YouTube video:

“I bet Chuck Norris is gonna be pissed when he see’s that his saw is gone.”

“How to make something american in one easy step: Strap a v8 to it.”

“A V8 engine chainsaw, now I’ve seen everything!”

“When they were done, they were able to get that motor back in my car just in time for me to make it to the prom.”

“That video would be so much better if you got rid of that stupid music if you want to call it music just a guy screaming Yuck other then that amazing Saw!”

“Impressive, but it must have been a slow day.  That was a bit longer than just under a second.”

“This video is doctored. The cut is clearly sped up and the sound it makes would not come from a V8 anything,” shared on cynic.

“The use is the exhibition value. The show is loud and dramatic. It draws crowds. This is good for the festival it is part of. When people are entertained they stick around and spend money at the vendor booths. “

What do you think about this powerful chainsaw? Would you use it?