It’s Easily The Worst Case Any Of Them Have Seen, But He Makes An Unlikely Transformation

Updated April 18, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I love animals. They are innocent creatures that do not try to do anything malicious. Humans on the other hand plot and scheme and try to come out ahead. Animals only do what they have to in order to survive. While that is sometimes horrible, there is no ill will in the act.

Animal cruelty and neglect is among the worst things on earth. To think that someone can willingly allow an animal to suffer is beyond me. But the rescue group called “Animaux en Peril” has to deal with neglectful situations every day. They make it their mission to help save these poor critters from the terrible people unwilling to give them the love they need.

Poly the pony was one example of neglect that is hard to watch. The Shetland pony was neglected for ten long years. Because she did not receive the love and care she needed to be healthy, her hooves had continued to grow. And when the rescue group came upon her, her hooves were deformed and looked like long, curved horns. It was horrible…

Because the Shetland pony could hardly walk, she needed care immediately. And thankfully, after taking Poly in, the people at Animaux en Peril were able to give her exactly what she needed.

They sheered her overgrown fur, which helped her breathe easier. But then it was time to get to work on her deformed hooves.

The volunteers were required to use heavy duty tools to do the work. The item looked like a saw and was used to cut off the excess hoof that had grown on poly’s foot.

But despite their best efforts, the rescuers were not sure if it would be enough. Since Poly had spent so many years on deformed hooves, it had probably affected her posture and made her body misaligned.

However, the hooves were not the only problem that Poly the pony had been forced to endure. Before she was rescued, her stall had been covered in a two-foot thick layer of manure. The poor pony had to live in her own feces. That doesn’t bode well for her morale.

But after the great people at Animaxu en Peril got ahold of Poly, she immediately showed her love. Besides offering her a haircut and the much-needed trimming of her overgrown hooves, Poly got her first bit of love in nearly a decade.

After she was washed and groomed, Poly looked much better. And thanks to the people at the rescue organization, she has hope now toward a better future. And hopefully someone who will show her love and care will adopt her and take her into their family.

“Under this kind of torture, time seems to drag on for an eternity,” the rescuers explained.

Viewers of the photos on the rescue group’s Facebook page, had a lot to share.

What do you think about how poor Poly the pony was treated before her rescue?

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