It’s Not Until The Camera Zooms In That You Can Truly Understand Why Teen’s Flag Is Famous

Updated March 21, 2017

Most high school students are preoccupied with themselves too much to care about what is going on in America at large. And when they’re not busy in class, they’d rather spend their free time glued to the video game controller, chatting with friends, or trying to impress the girl next door.

But Jacob Feazel is not your ordinary high school student. When a teacher assigned his class a challenging project, Feazel jumped at the opportunity. Because he wants to be a talented artist when he grows up, he got to work creating something truly extraordinary. And when he had finished, no one believed he was only a high school student.

Check out what this talent American teenager did below!

From a distance, Feazel’s project simply looks like an American flag. It is big, about four feet by six feet. But when you zoom in, you realized that the size only continues to demonstrate Feazel’s love of art and country.

For the assignment, Feazel had an idea to create something that not only paid respect to America but honored the brave men and women who serve in our great country’s military.

He painted his toy army soldiers in red, white, and blue and then glued them to a board to create an American flag. When he brought the finished project to the class, everyone was impressed, especially his teacher. And Feazel’s magnificent project, which took him about 50 hours to finish, put all of his classmates to shame.

Feazel painstakingly used 4,466 toy soldiers to create the magnificent piece of patriotic art.

“When I was putting each Army guy on there, I was thinking about each of these guys. They serve, they are the ones that.. make this flag what it is. It took me 56 hours just to do this project, but they spend a very large portion of their life so that I can make this project.”

Jacob’s teacher gave him an A on the project (no surprise there), but then the local media picked it up for their evening report. Then things took off, and his art project was going viral…

“They all mean something and I want to make sure they’re all in their right spot. No one is fallen over or anything like that. They’re all where they ought to be. Basically as perfect as they can be,” Feazel said.

Because he gained so much love from people across America for his piece of art, Feazel created a Facebook page titled, “For Love of Country and Art – The Art of Jacob Feazel” to allow fans to gather and discuss his piece.

While he may be a blossoming artist, Feazel is also just an ordinary high school student. And he has dreams to attend college soon. Because of all the fame, he has received from his army-man flag piece, he hopes to get a scholarship from it. Or at least open him up to scholarship opportunities.

Watch the video report below to meet Feazel and see his completed piece.

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