It’s One Of The More Terrifying Videos Cops Have Seen And It Happens In Broad Daylight (video)

Updated July 11, 2017

Sylmar, California is known as a peaceful, family community. But when you see the footage captured in the middle of the day in the Los Angeles suburb, you’ll probably start to question the truth about Sylmar. In the surveillance footage, watch as a male abductor FORCES an innocent woman into his van on the busy streets of this California community. The kidnapper committed his crime on Wednesday and police are searching high and low for the dangerous man. In the footage, you can see the man grab the woman by her hair and shove her into his minivan. The footage helps police but not they’re asking you for your help.

The footage has been released so members of the Los Angeles community can help the police identify the kidnapper.

The surveillance camera wasn’t part of a business or a gas station – no this footage came straight from a prepared resident’s home security system. If this Sylmar neighbor hadn’t taken matters to protect their home and community, there might be no evidence helping police find this kidnapper.

The kidnapping occurred in broad daylight at 12:30pm on a residential street in Sylmar.

The man has yet to be identified. But the police hope that by releasing the tapes into the public, the community can band together to identify the crook.

Watch as the perpetrator aggressively grabs the victim and forces her into his blue Chrysler van before driving away – to do who knows what with his victim.

As you can imagine, the Los Angeles community is horrified to know that a kidnapper is on the loose in their neighborhoods. The abduction occurred on the 15000 block of El Cajon Street just outside of a home.

When the footage begins, you see a blue van parked on the curb. Then the heavyset abductor approaches the woman. Based on this initial interaction, it seems that they known each other. They seem to exchange words and then the woman puts up her hand. It’s like she’s trying to stop the man from doing something to her. She is afraid. And he is moving closer.

Then she turns to run away and he lunges for her.

The footage then cuts to a later section of the clip after the man followers her and grabs her.

The police report that “The female attempts to walk away, but the male follows her.

‘He then opens the sliding door of the van as he continues to talk to her.”

With the violent man holding the woman by the back of her head, he drags her into the car he has waiting for their escape. With anger and hatred, he shoves the victim into the open door. She fights and tries to flee. But the man slams the door on her before she can exit. He had this planned because the child locks are engaged from the inside.

He then drives off with his female victim.

Los Angeles Police Department has asked the public for their help. They have failed to identify the man or woman. But they are investigating with all their might. They do not know what could have motivated the violent kidnapping.

They are asking anyone with information on the kidnapping to call LAPD’s Mission Station at (818) 838-9800.

If you’re reading this late at night or during the weekend and know the man or woman, call (877) LAPD-24-7. If you’d like to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222- TIPS.

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