It’s The One Case That Cops Who Got The Call Can’t Seem To Get Out Of Their Nightmares

Updated August 11, 2017

Surely you’ve heard of dogs being tied to trees and abandoned without food or water, but have you ever heard of a father tying his son to a tree, leaving him stranded?

California resident, Jeffrey Wilson allegedly tied his two-year-old son to a tree in a homeless encampment. The boy was found tied by the wrist, wearing only a diaper.

“The child was also lacking basic food and water, was only clothed in a diaper, and was exposed to numerous hazards within the encampment,” police said in a statement. “Deputies observed several weapons and other dangerous items within the reach of the child that could cause great bodily harm to the child.”

Police officers from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene and discovered that Wilson and his son were illegally on the property. Police also came across several animals on the property. They notified animal control, who came out to remove the animals.

Wilson is charged with felony child neglect and abuse, possession of a controlled substance, and trespassing and he was booked into the Mendocino County Jail on $10,000. He was later released. The child was turned over to Child Protective Services.

It’s sad when people like this become parents because they go on to put an innocent child’s life in danger, without a care in the world. The poor toddler was probably frightened, not to mention he was out in the hot sun without food and water. Evidently, some people will do anything to get some free time from their child. It’s kind of surprising that he even tied him up at all. Being so careless, it’s shocking that he didn’t just let the young boy roam the encampment freely.

Surprisingly one commenter gave the father the benefit of the doubt…

“I know he was wrong but hoping since he tied the kid to a branch and by the wrist that he was just trying to keep him safe and not hurt him because it seems like they may have been homeless. But yes other signs of abuse visible but doesn’t say the child was hurt, that’s the good thing. Still praying this man was just doing the best he could do.”

And she received quite the response from her post…

“Julia Sanchez Aguilar, do you leave your babies alone? Anyone that gives this worthless POS any credit must be doing it themselves. Take them to a shelter, a hospital or firehouse. They deserve a better chance at life.”

“I AM PRAYING TO GOD that you don’t have a child. No matter any kind of circumstance will I ever tie my child to a tree with just a diaper.”

“There are no excuses for tying a 2-year-old child to a tree and without food or water. And note the possession of a controlled substance. He likely found it was easier to tie the kid to a tree than try to watch him when stoned.”

So, when all is said and done, it’s probably not a good idea to tie a child to a tree. Clearly Wilson was on drugs and exposed his child to harmful substances in addition to the tree-tying incident.