It’s What Mom Was Doing While Her Baby Died In A Hot Car That Has People Wanting Life In Prison

Updated September 20, 2017

When a young mother in Georgia couldn’t find anyone to watch her 1-year-old daughter during her hair appointment, she decided to leave the crying child in the hot car. For the next six hours, she laughed and gossiped while she got her hair done – never once thinking to go check on the infant strapped in the car seat in the boiling hot car. Now 25-year-old DiJanelle Etta Fowler faces a felony murder charge along with cruelty to children and concealing a death. She did not report the death of her 1-year-old Skylar Fowler back on June 15th when it happened. Instead the baby’s body was found inside a parking garage at Emory University Hospital.

Fowler was not willing to miss her hair appointment at the Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Center in Tucker, Georgia for anything. Before stepping into the salon at 10:06am – a little late for her appointment – she locked her baby in her car and refused to soothe the crying child.

The neglectful mother did not leave the salon until 4pm when her hair was done. She didn’t once check on the infant left alone under the hot Georgia sun. And there are witnesses and security camera footage that prove Fowler never once thought about getting out of the salon to look after her child.

After the appointment, Fowler returned to her car and showed no sign of remorse or panic. She even went over to a man and asked him to help her start her vehicle. She may have been flirting with him while her baby lie dead in the backseat.

Investigators think that the murderous mother threw a blanket over the baby to hide the body from the man helping her start the car.

About an hour later, Fowler contacted the child’s godfather to notify him that she was going to urgent care for headaches. She searched the internet for signs of a seizure around the same time. Either she was purposefully neglectful or vastly ignorant about how to raise a child.

Not long after, Fowler arrived at the hospital and called 911. She never mentioned her dead daughter. She claimed that she had a “seizure of some kind.”

Police first thought the child died while Fowler was in the hospital. But when questioned, the timeline she manufactured did not make sense. And then the autopsy proved the child had died long before her hospital visit.

“We’re thinking mom had an episode and the child unfortunately died while being in the vehicle with mom because the vehicle was extremely hot,” Lewis told WAGA.

“We determined the mother stopped at a business on Lavista Road to have her hair done,” Lewis said. “We had knowledge the child was with her at the time. And during the course of her being in the hair salon it was apparent the child was left in the vehicle.”

Before surrendering on Monday, Fowler fled to South Carolina, Florida and New Jersey. Now she’s in custody.

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