I’ve Always Wondered What’s Inside A Rattlesnake’s Tail. Here’s What He Finds When He Cuts It Open..

Updated April 5, 2016

After taking a trip to the Phoenix Zoo, the hosts of YouTube channel What’s Inside? decided they needed to know what was inside a rattlesnake’s rattle.

Before getting down and dirty, the hosts of the channel decided to learn more about these lethal snakes. Check out the video below to discover more and see what’s inside the snake’s tail that makes that ominous rattle sound.

Rattlesnakes are equipped with impressive fangs that are fully retractable. Their venom is transferred in much the same way a hypodermic needle works.

As you’ll see in the video, you’ll get up-close looks at the rattlesnake tail on a living snake. And off it…

After visiting the zoo, they brought a rattlesnake rattle all the way home.

At the 2:20-mark the young boy takes the rattle out of the plastic bag and the duo prepares to cut it open.

Ready to see what’s inside the rattlesnake’s rattle? He grabs a razor blade at the 2:55-mark and cuts it open. WOW!

When he opens it up… “YUCKY!

What do you think about the rattlesnake’s rattle?

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